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I love to answer Decorating and Design Questions…I don’t know why, I just do. There’s always a special twist or a question I haven’t had before and I enjoy finding a solution or offering advice. I have several Ask Amy questions to catch up on, but yesterday I tackled a handful!  

A few fun one’s lately included Teisha asking if I could come organize her house after I did mine, but I pretty much told her I may not be fully functional by the time I complete mine….haha! Calgon…come take me away 🙂  I also had a few things to say about men and pink to Aime over at mammaloves, hopefully I didn’t offend any of my male readers, but seriously, do you really think most men are even going to notice a touch of pink here and there? I don’t think my guys would! Now mess with the TV and THAT’s a different story!  

To see all my words of wisdom,  visit this link  Have a Decorating Question? Ask Away! to see most of the design questions I’ve answered over the last couple of years. I still have a few to  answer, but sit down when you have time and explore. Perhaps you’ll find the answer to a question you have. I’d love to hear if you agree or disagree with my thoughts – who knows, together we might find an even better solution!  Enjoy! xoxoxo Amy  

16 thoughts on “Decorating And Design Questions Answered

  1. Hi there!
    We have just purchased a beautiful chocolate brown sofa and matching chair. We also purchased an accent chair with a brown background and it has steel blue, gold, and brown leaves on it. Any ideas for paint colors for the room? We don’t get a great deal of light in this room, so we’re hesitant to go with any really dark colors. Medium and light would be great.
    Thx for your help!

  2. i am putting down either wood or laminate in my lr, dr and foyer. my furniture is all Queen Anne style cheerywood and I love the new cherrrywood flooring but am wondering if that will be too much. Should I use a lighter mahoghoney instead?

  3. So, the floor at my new place is almost and I can’t decide what color sofas or walls. It’s a small studio apartment 20×22 and the kitchen, living area, and bedroom are all in one, no walls to divide space. I want everything to tie in together.

    Here is the sofa I’m going to get either in this red color or charcoal gray..

    What color walls will go well with either red sofa or the gray? I’m looking into painting two walls one color and the other two another. Or one wall a color that will really pop and the other three the same color. What color appliances will go better? Stainless steal stove and fridge or black? All my furniture will be black from the bed frame/head board to the tv stand, side tables, and dining table.

    This is what my comforter looks like..

    If it helps my floors look like this..

    So please help me with the colors!! This is my first time moving out and I want my place to look nice and for everything to flow well. Please help with colors or anything you can that you think will go with what I have. Thanks a lot!

  4. Hello. I need a solution for my decorating problem and I hope you be able to help me.
    There are 2 walls in my living room that my TV stand is right from one of them which I call it wall 1 and the opposite wall, I’ll call wall 2. The cable outlet is on Wall 1 but I need to locate my TV stand on wall 2.
    Is there any possibility?

  5. I purchased a leather sofa my friend is telling me that I can put two different types of leather in one room. I need more seating and I found a another sofa and a matching chair but the color and the type of leather is different. The sofa and chair is covered in leather only on the bottom and on the back. The inner portion is fabric.

  6. I have a question. Myhouse is traditional goldish walls, furniture cherry, red cream fabrics black accents. all walls are same color in a three story townhouse goldish yellow if i redo a bedroom is is best to stick with same color tone? I have a dark gray duvet , white bedding, black white lamps and mahogoney wood in room that is what i am working . Myquestion is what color should i paint walls so it will tie into rest of house and to the adjoining bath ( which can be repainted also )

  7. Hi,
    1. I have a few decorating questions:
    My floors on the main floor are the colour of terracotta and wood is cinnamon – orange kind of tone. I would like to know which paint colour would go with the floors? My furniture is brown. The space is long and narrow and not alot of light as it is a semi.

    2. What would be the best idea for the room that’s in the front of the house? I have a great room and living room which open concept to the kitchen. I can’t decide to decorate the front room with a dining table or couches.

    Thank you and I look forward to your advice!

  8. Hi I have a question if you could answer it would be great
    I have a very big painting 5’wide x 7′ long that is a foot wider than my sofa . Right now it is centred on the sofa.Right now it is about 6″ below the back of the new sofa… and there’s about a foot above it to the ceiling.
    If I raise it above the back of the sofa it will almost reach the ceiling. . Should I move it up above the sofa which would only leave an inch to the ceiling? or leave it where it is to anchor it to the sofa.. it’s an abstract overall pattern so you don’t really lose any of the painting.thanks Linda

  9. How do I marry a bedroom decorated in yellow and med. blue with the bathroom that I would like to paint a light sea blue (aqua). I need to get some aqua into the bedroom without doing away with bedding, chair, etc. in there that is already the med. blue.

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  11. Hi good people, i live in a hot country but i’m really falling in love with fireplaces. I’m making an outdoor garden but i want to put a fake fireplace just for decoration. Where can i get the fake lights to put in a fake fireplace to look like fire?

  12. I am painting an upstairs bathroom a light green–Sherwin Williams Hawthorn–and wonder about painting the ceiling the same color. It is an 8 ft. ceiling, with a bit of crown molding. If I paint both surfaces the same color, should the trim be kept white to go with the vanity and doors? Or should they all be Hawthorn, with the trim being painted in a semigloss?

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