Patience, Technology and Gardening

Flying into Tampa for a quick layover

 How Beautiful is that photo? It’s kind of crazy that I, not thirty minutes ago, took that shot flying over Tampa and now I’ve downloaded it onto my computer, resized it and am posting it here. I have so many things to blog about, not to mention a review of the two week purge of junk from my house and installation of new carpet, but I’m going to have to take a short break from that as I travel to Florida on for business and a bit of fun. Actually business is lots of  fun, so it should be a great time all around. How lucky am I?  

I have to pause and give a great big shoutout to Southwest Airlines. They are officially my fav. Today I drove to an airport a couple of hours from my home so that I could fly to Florida on Southwest who had by far the best prices of anyone around. On the way, a semi overturned, caught on fire and consequently put an immediate stop to my car that was travelling quite quickly in order to get to the airport on time. To say I was in a panic for a minute or two or three is an understatement. I was going to be lucky to make it before the semi burst into flames, not it would be a small miracle to make the plane. This was not on my travel agenda.   

After about thirty minutes, I had moved less than a mile. It was one hour before my plane was scheduled to leave and I was at least 20 minutes from where I needed to be to park my car, take a shuttle, check in my luggage, go through security and board. And pee. I really had to pee… but I digress. Anyway, my plane is boarding early here in Tampa, so here is the quick story…  

After calming down, I called the 800 number for SW. She said don’t worry, there’s another plane leaving an hour later that’s not full and scheduled to arrive in FL around the same time. So I took a breath and quit worrying. Talk about the stress falling off of me. And guess what? By some miracle I made the plane and even got to pee before I boarded…how great is that? xoxoxo to Southwest!   

Gotta go, but getting picked up at the airport by Miss PickMeYard…so excited. Stay tuned! Amy xoxoxo Excuse the typo’s…I’m on the run!

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