Salmon, The Caloosahatchee River, Cows, Ducks, and Sunflowers

Oh my, so much to share…I’m busy here in Florida and thought the easiest way to share the last 24 hours is just to give you a snap shot…check it out! 

Last night we had a great after dinner river cruise down the intercostal waterway...isn't it beautiful?


Lisa made a great dinner of Salmon, potatoes with onions and fennel and polenta. All organic of course!


We hopped on their boat for a quick cruise down the river at sunset...


The Spanish moss was gorgeous...


We saw lots of beautiful homes and even a few alligators...


We came home to an iced pitcher of Jasmine (Jasminum sambac) Water...mmmmm Some Jasmine is poisonous, so make sure if you try this, you use one that is edible 🙂


This morning the ducks had a ball in the new reflection pond...


Ming Ming was a shaking and a dipping...


Lisa had to go out to check on the bees...Yep, I stayed photo's of that!


We had to run out to get a super for the bee boxes...aka a box for them to make more honey. Sorry can't come with us!


We had to stop along the way and visit with some new friends...


Aren't her babies adorable?


I looooooveeee these sunflowers at a local Farmer's Market...


This is my favorite photo of the day...


Have a GREAT weekend…xoxox

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