Salamanders – (really Anoles or Lizards), Berries and Paint…

Happy Monday! I’m working in Florida all week and thought I’d continue my photo essays throughout the week! On Sunday, I spent a lot of time at a local hair salon under construction. We were a bit distracted along the way…   

Do you see what we saw? Hint: Look for two cute little lizards or anoles


 The thing I love about being here in Florida is yes, I get lots of work done, come up with tons of creative ideas to make new products for you, work on interesting projects etc…but most of all I see and learn so many interesting (and useful) things. It reminds me to stop, look and enjoy my surroundings each day. That’s something I don’t do nearly enough. With that said, here’s a glimpse into snapshots of my day yesterday…   

See them now? Sneaky little things arent' they?


I think it's so amazing how well this guy blends!


This is the green one before he realizes we are spying on him...I am told he is native to Florida


And the brown one after he scampered a few feet to a new branch...This one is actually a cuban anole.


But silly me steps on something crunchy sounding and he get's a little upset and telling me to back the heck up!


Apparently, Mr. Green Jeans has his friend's back...haha!


We didn't get a mile down the road before the car suddenly stops and my friend jumps out of the car. I look to my right and this what I see...


And straight ahead I see this... (that's Margie who I'm staying with this week)


And soon she shows me this...mulberries! They are delicious. Perfect for a quick road side snack!


This is why it's always a good idea to keep some wipes in the car, haha!


Margie is helping a friend open a new Hair Salon in her community and I've been helping a bit too. The black and white tile was existing and we chose a soft purple for the walls. It's really a great color, very neutral and clients will look fabulous!


The colors are a bit off in this photo, it's all purple but looks blue...but look up at the celing...we didn't like the dark painted ceiling ending at the top and the "feel" that the high ceilings gave to the space with the light purple going all the way up. We gave new instructions to the painter to bring the eggplant ceiling down a bit...I should have photo's of that later this week! I think it will be much more intimate.


This is the shampoo and color area...we determined where existing shelving would go and came up a few creative solutions for storage...this area should be completed as well later this week!


That’s it for now…running off later this afternoon to Ikea in Ft. Lauderdale and Whole Foods. I’m will take a few photo’s along the way for you of course! Stay tuned! xoxox

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