The Problem with Ikea…

Shopping at Ikea takes time. Lots of time.


Yesterday I ended my blog saying that I was off to  Ikea and would take lots of photos along the way so you could see all the fabulous things with me. We left for the Ft. Lauderdale store around 4:00 pm and as we pulled in around 5:00, Margie lamented that we probably wouldn’t have enough time to explore and pick-up everything that she needed. I laughed… and then commented that certainly 4 hours is enough time for one store. We had a list in hand and knew pretty much what we wanted to get. 

First though, since I’ve never really been through the whole store, she wanted to show it to me through her eyes. Margie by the way is one the most creative and organizational minded people I know and I was really looking forward to it.. With you in mind, as I got out of the car, I said, “I need to take lots of pictures to share on the blog”. That said, here is my photo essay… 


Did you enjoy it? Kind of like the story about The Emperor’s  Clothes, isn’t it? I am sooooooo bad. I was so wrapped up in exploring, I totally forgot to take a single photo. Not a single one did I take. In fact it was so bad that at 9:00 they ushered us out the door and we are sooooooo totally not done that we have to go back to today, which is good news for you because I am sure I will take lots of photos, I think…haha! xoxoxo


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