The Ikea Adventure: Part 2


Welcome to Ikea in Ft. Lauderdale. We shopped here for 4 hours the day before and are about to spend about 6 more hours here...time just seems to fly in this place.


Yesterday I confessed to getting so wrapped in exploring and shopping at Ikea on Monday that I forgot to take photo’s to share with you. I also promised to take photo’s during my return trip on Tuesday afternoon… 

It was a beautiful day as we turned into the parking lot...and of course I had my trusty camera ready to go! And do you think I took some great photo's in addition to this one and the photo above?


Nope. Not one. Are you kidding me? Nope, nada, none. I am telling you that at 8:30 pm we had three flat beds and two full-size carts filled to the hilt and were running like crazy women down the aisles in the warehouse trying to pick and pull everything we needed for the salon before Ikea closed at 9:00 pm. You know I love Ikea and I will be back soon I’m sure, but here are my two issues. 

  1.  If something is not available, they need to note it on the showroom floor so you are not totally frustrated surprised when you go to the warehouse to buy it. Yes, I know there are computers to check stock, with everything we had to purchase, that would have added another couple of hours – time we didn’t have.
  2. Employees are not very helpful in the warehouse. Two or three times a guy tried to take our cart thinking we abandoned it and when he found out we had 5 overloaded carts full of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise that we were ABOUT TO PURCHASE. Did he ask if we needed assistance? Nope. Did he offer to take it up to the cashier or store it for us? Nada. I have to say at that point, I was a bit miffed and when he acted like our FIVE carts of MERCHANDISE that we were going to BUY to support his PAYCHECK were in his way…I had to bite my tongue. I guarantee you I wasn’t the only one feeling this way.

Anyway, below is what the Excursion looks like at the moment after taking quite a while to scan and pack everything. I think we left the parking lot at around 10:20 pm. I should add that we were verrrry productive  and can’t wait to share photo’s of everything put together. 

We loaded everything into an Excursion which has a ton of room...


As you can see from the rear of the car this's pretty full. In fact, I couldn't open the door to the left for fear that things would fall out!


Although I couldn't open the door on the other side, I did get this open...


Anyway, again …sorry there aren’t more photo’s. To make up for it I’m going to do another post about some great shelving ideas I saw in a catalog! Stay tuned! xoxoxo Amy


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