Tea Parties, Toads, Baby Mockingbirds, Brown Rice Tortillas and Baby Great Horned Owls…


I really am getting work done here in Florida, but there are a ton of distractions from Mother Nature today. I am in continued awe of the beautiful things surrounding me here in Florida…I stayed within a 50 foot radius today and saw some pretty cool things! See if you agree…  

This little guy actually greeted us when we got home the other night...


Isn't he cute? Thanks for the greeting Mr. Toad!


To kick-off the afternoon, Loring stopped by to visit and invited me to a fabulous tea party


I'm pretty sure we solved some the world problems during this conversation


and I'm thinking I need a few sets of this children's silverware from Ikea to use with appetizers at my house - it has tiny forks, spoons (2 sizes) and knives...isn't that a great idea? You can get service for 4 for around $5.00


Look inside this thorny Bougainvillea bush. Is this Baby Mockingbird not adorable? Just to let you know I risked my life for this shot...mamma was about to dive bomb me. She was not happy


For lunch we had my new favorite dish. I am telling you it is to die for...low calorie, with a bit of crunch, juicy and healthy. Plus: it's ALL organic. We simply toasted the tortillas via a frying pan in grape seed oil, spread on a bit of Vegenaise (like mayo) and filled with a corn and black bean salsa from Wal Mart. Delicious!


Last time I was here, two (obviously mated) Great Horned Owls were pretty guarded about this Banyan Tree. Today, it cradles a couple of surprises...


Look waaaayyyyy up at the top of the tree on the end of a branch...


Do you see four sets of baby owl eyes looking down? Their adorable little heads followed us with their eyes wherever we walked...


Here Mom (or dad) is on the right, with her two babies to the left. One is being pretty brave now that mom is sitting next to her, the other is barely peeking her ears up...


The babies don't fly and have really soft looking feathers. Do you see his little head looking at me?


I just can't get enough of them, they are that cute...do you see mom's ears on the left? A storm was brewing, so their feathers are blowing with the wind.


 Okay, it’s time to get back to work…hope you discovered something fun today! xoxoxo Amy   

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