Creating a Cocktail Area: Part II Selecting furniture

It's time to get this room some furniture!


Yesterday I shared how I selected the draperies for my new cocktail area and today I’m so excited to show you how it’s developed so far! A few months ago while shopping at one of my all time favorite stores – Homegoods, I stumbled upon the perfect chairs for my cocktail area. I had hung the draperies a few month prior and had yet to find the perfect chair and yet lo and behold…there they were. Well, there two of them anyway… and they were beautiful. I promptly bought them and called surrounding stores locating two more.    

I could have not have found a chair that matches any better...I love them!


Beanie adores the new chairs too...


and so does Angel... it's their new favorite place to unwind


I needed a table, but just could not find one I liked. I wanted it  high as the top of the chair seat or maybe even a bit higher. I also wanted it big enough for 5 chairs, just in case I miraculously discovered one more…more on that tomorrow. In the meantime, I borrowed a table from the living room and I actually found it to work quite well. It’s an oval shape and looks quite unique. I like it…what do you think?    

Here is a view of the table from the living area. It's morning and the sun is shining in...


If you walked through my front door and looked to your left, this is what you would see. I put one of the mirrors I previously had on the adjacent wall above a fern and placed a chess set on the table...


To the left is a desk that belonged to my husband's Grandmother. It still needs to be accessorized properly, but I love it in this corner. I placed a small crystal lamp that I got at a yard sale for $15 on top and in the evening it sends a soft gentle glow to that corner of the room


Here’s the room standing in front of the living room sofa. Eventually, the fan is going up stairs and I’ll hang a pendant fixture over the table and chairs. I also want to add an area rug and valances to the french doors, but even though it’s not complete I must say… it’s one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Tomorrow I have a “I can’t believe it” story and a source for to get the same chairs at a great price… xoxox Amy   

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