The “What do you See” Challenge: The Airport

There's more than just people watching here...


It’s was Tuesday afternoon as I sat in the Tampa airport luggage terminal to write this. I had personal business in Tampa on Wednesday and will be doing business in another part of Florida for the next few weeks. As I sat there, I had this thought: wouldn’t it be fun to share the cool things we saw, experienced or noticed once a week?   

The last time I travelled to Florida I blogged more via photo’s and short descriptions than written stories because I had so many fun things to you share with you. For some reason, when I’m  in Florida. I open my eyes to “see” my surroundings more than I do when back home in the daily grind of things.   

One the best things I ever did was to take a workshop called The Artists Way, based on a book by Julie Cameron. I love workshops by the way, don’t you? A good workshop, much like our own Decorate Fabulously, will stretch your mind, teach you new things, grow your confidence and most of all provide a great time with new friends. The Artists Way encourages readers to go on an Artists Date once a week to visit some place new or see something that is new to you. It could be a current art exhibit, a wine tasting festival or simply a boutique that you’ve never been to before. The key is to purposefully go somewhere new, expand your mind and “see” new things.   

I love to visit local home tours, but I probably drive whoever I go with nuts because instead of walking into each home and oohing and ahhing… (I do that sometimes as well!) I prefer to really “see” each home. Okay, yes that fireplace is fabulous…but why is it fabulous? Is it the combination of materials? The art? The scale? And if I don’t like a room when I walk in it..why don’t I like it? Is it the color? The furniture? The furniture arrangement? Truly “seeing” things that surround you is a great way to expand your creativity, garner new ideas and understand what you love and don’t love.   

My challenge to you is to begin to “see” the things around you. I promise this simple act will expand your world and suddenly open up a world of  things you ‘ve never noticed before. Try it now…what is the ceiling above you like? How is the lighting? Do you love the art? What are the baseboards like? Even if you’re in a space you have been in a 100 times, you’ll probably see something new.   

Did you see the picture at the top of this post? I snapped that as I sat down to wait for my friend to pick me up at the airport. A few seconds later everyone had gotten their luggage and it looked like this…   

Once everyone from that flight had gotten their luggage, I had time to really look around the baggage terminal


 What I started to notice was the use of shapes, curves and swirls combined to create a feel of movement and motion. How many curves and lines to do you see? Once you start looking, you’ll be amazed.   

Here’s a bigger picture…double click to make it larger.   

Here's a larger picture...look at the floor, ceiling, fixtures...everywhere. It's all about curves, lines and shapes.


My “guess” is that they used geometrical shapes, curves and patterns to encourage travellers to keep moving along. The airport is a busy place and time is important. You need time to get through security and time to get to the plane on time. A well designed interior will have a comfortable flow to encourage an easy traffic flow and for visitors to move with ease. This is on a huge scale, but we really should plan the same in our homes. A home with the same principles is easy to move from space to space and your eye encouraged to move from wall to wall, much like they did at the airport I was at in Florida   

This week I challenge you to take time to really “see” what’s around you. Make sure to share with me next week all the exciting things you see!  I’m going to take lots of photo’s to share as well! xoxoxo Amy


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