Italian food, Ocean View and a Lost Dog

This didn't last long...


I landed in Tampa,  Florida on Tuesday to take care of some personal business on Wednesday. By the time my friend collected me and we got on the road from the airport I was s-t-a-r-v-e-d. We were both starved. We decided to look for a place to eat near the beach and found this adorable Italian Restaurant called Cesare’s. Cesare greeted us at the door with a hug  and our waiter could not be more attentive. The hot bread with pesto dipping sauce was delicious.  

I decided to take lots of photo’s for you to show you all the cool things I’m experiencing on this trip, but apparently I was really, really hungry because the next picture I took was of the cannolis  after I wolfed down my four-cheese homemade manicotti…     

The cannolis were delicious


I know, I am soooooo bad. I didn’t take one more photo until after we shared the cannolis. I am striving to take more pictures today! Promise 🙂     

Wednesday morning we woke up in our beautiful Hyatt hotel in Clearwater Beach that we found on Priceline for a $100.00. I have to say it was quite a deal. The view is not too shabby, don’t you agree? A nice way to start the day. It makes me quite sad that these beautiful beaches, not to mention amazing wildlife, will be affected by the oil spill. It is just unimaginable.     

Beautiful. A gorgeous morning in Clearwater Beach


By late morning we ready to head back to my friend’s house… we were on the road by 12:30 pm or so, but by the time we did some serious damage at TJ Maxx, it was late afternoon. We had about a three-hour drive left. We were on the road again when all of a sudden… the two cars in front of us on a two- lane highway slammed on their brakes (a reason to wear seatbelts.)  

There in the middle of the road was a dog. Specifically, a big pit bull, who apparently was looking for her owner to come get her from the middle of the highway. We, along with another woman who witnessed the whole near death event,  promptly turned around and went back find her. This wasn’t hard because she kept going into the road, a road heavily traveled by semi-trucks and many, many cars. A big accident waiting  to happen, not to mention that she was most certainly going to get run over.     

Turns out she was well-trained and a gentle soul… and thirsty, really thirsty. After drinking several water bottles poured into a dish we had, she jumped into the back of the Excursion and was ready to go.   

Cute as a button


She sits on command and even gives her paw


even closer close up...


She had old tags that identified her as Sasha, but the number for her owner was disconnected


Long story short… animal services picked her up after spending the night at  Joanne’s house – the other woman who stopped. We went on our way hours later and are hoping the owner will claim her. Joanne learned his name through the tags and  discovered his page on Facebook. We haven’t heard from him yet, but his ex-wife who was found is trying to get a hold of him… don’t you love the  internet world? Let’s hope he lost her and did not dump her!!! Anyway… if I hear anything new, I’ll update right away!    

More adventures on the way today, so I have to run! xoxoxo Amy

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