Fans with Style…Bring on the Breeze.

A simple tower fan with remote control will keep you comfortable all night without turning down the air-conditioning. Don't you adore the sitting area in this bedroom?


It’s steamy hot here in Florida and I’m told it’s just as uncomfortable back home in the mid-west. When I get hot here, rather than kick down the air-conditioning, I simply turn a fan towards me till I cool off, which got me to thinking today: why don’t I have more fans in my home? This question led me to these two questions:   

Can you identify areas in your home that are hotter than others or activities that you do in specific rooms that cause you to become hot? For me it’s right before the air conditioning is going to kick back on, when I’m sleeping in my 2nd story bedroom or when I’m getting ready to go out; specifically while putting making on, blow drying my hair and then styling it.   

Where do you have fans? I have a smaller fan on my desk at the office, a ceiling fan in a few of our rooms and a small fan in our bedroom facing our bed for when we sleep –  that’s it. I really don’t have a good reason as to why I don’t have more fans. I’ve decided today I need to change that.    

Think about it… strategically located fans can immediately cool you down and save money on your energy bill. Sounds like a win-win situation don’t you think?  Plus, the bonus is there are lots of different styles to choose from including floor fans, ceiling fans, wall fans, decorative fans, etc. with finishes to choose such as black, white, chrome, bronze and more. Here’s a sampling…   

This is a wall mounted fan, but you can accomplish the same thing by bracketing a desk top fan as shown below


A tall shelf with books, cd's and a stereo helps to conceal the cord.


This clip-on fan provides the perfect breeze to keep you cool while doing a load of laundry or two


The taller a tower fan is, the more air it will circulate. My son has a 4o" black tower fan with remote like the one above in his college apartment and loves it - especially when it saves him on their utility bill. This fan is from Amazon.


I've been using this miniature tower fan all week - it's my new best friend. I can't wait to get one for my bathroom - I 'm getting one for my daughter's bathroom as well!


I found this clever little guy at Lamps Plus - wouldn't he be fun on a desk or end table?


And if you really didn't want to see your fan, this faux picture frame might just do the trick! In fact, during cooler months, you could inset a photo within the frame.


Really, the possibilities are endless. Adding fans to my home are definitely on my to-do-list this summer that’s for sure – are they on yours?  xoxoxo Amy

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