A Must Have Tool for Home Decorating!

It's like having "people"


Chances are if you love to decorate, you also love to move your furniture around and if you’re like me… when you’re ready to move it, you don’t have time to wait for someone to help you. Enter the worlds greatest backsaving invention: Furniture Sliders. These little suckers will take the weight of a piece of furniture I can barely lift and glide it across the room like butter. They are that good. This weekend I moved an entire bedroom set (photos coming soon) from one room to another; crossing from hardwood over to carpet in less than a half an hour. 


 There are a couple of brands on the market that I know of including the original EZ Moves, Waxman Super Slides and EZ Sliders. I’ve used each of them and I like them all.   

I saw this display (see below) of 16 pc. Super Slides at my local Lowe’s Store last night for an unbelievable price of $9.99. It’s the best deal I’ve seen on slides. If they have them at your local Lowe’s I’d grab them. Heck, grab a few extra and give them as a gift for new homeowners!


Lowe's currently has these Super Slides for $9.99.


 Wondering how furniture glides work? Check out this video from Bed, Bath and Beyond…   

Click on the photo above to go see a demonstration.


 Don’t forget, drawing up a floor plan is the best way plan your arrangement and know it will fit BEFORE you move you move the furniture. To make it even easier, you can find and print free grid paper over at the Assistant Product Group. Don’t know how to draw a floor plan? No problem… you’ll find free instructions as well! Click on this link and look in the right side column under Decorating Tools!   

So that’s my tip for the day. Your back will thank you and family members may even volunteer to help! No promises on the last one – haha! xoxox Amy 

I Heart Labelling

Quite addicting it is...


I haven’t updated you lately on Project Organize 2010, but I assure you it is alive and well. I actually have fallen in love during the process – this week I’m love with labelling! The thing about this whole house organizing project is it’s fun and instantly rewarding. You can’t beat that! I actually look forward to having a few hours to organize a new little area. That’s the beauty of it. Only have a half hour? No problem! Just do a quick drawer or two.   

The key to successful organizing and maintaining it is having a place for everything and everything in its place. I probably owe my mother an apology. I would just roll my eyes when she would say “where are my scissors”. She instantly knew that they were missing because she had a “home” for them and if they weren’t there, chances are I took them! I “get” this now. So sorry mom 🙂 xoxox   

Anyway, labelling is a beautiful thing. It’s the finishing touch to a newly organized area. Plus it really does help you find things easier. Especially when you’ve re-located things. For example, remember the messy, messy closet next to my kitchen? Well yesterday, Ashley called me at the office and asked me where the food coloring was for the red, white and blue flag cupcakes that she was making. They were inspired by the way by Thrifty Decor Chic and 17 and baking . Ashley’s creative twist was that she layered red, white and blue cupcake batter, iced them white, put them in a cupcake carrier and decorated the top left cupcake with blueberries (to represent the flag’s blue block with stars) and the remaining cupcakes with a red strip of strawberry (representing red and white stripes). Yep, If I was a good blogger, I would have taken photo’s when I got home, but I had other things on my mind. We were in a rush to get to see Edward and Jacob – it was a movie night last night! But I digress…   

Back to labelling. Ashley asked where the food coloring was and I said “in a plastic bin on the shelf of the closet next to the kitchen. It’s labelled Baking Decorations. And guess what? IT WAS THERE! Really, it was a pretty special moment for me… haha!   

A thing of beauty if I may say so myself!


I’m using a Brother P-Touch for my labels, but you could also use clear file labels printed from your computer,  although I do think the labeller is definitely the way to go. It’s a bit less time-consuming and I’m all about saving time!     

Just love this little guy!


And guess what? Remember my messy hall closet from a few months ago? Have it reverted back to being messy? Nope, nada, no way baby! It looks like this…   

More beautiful than ever, haha!


The thing is that once you get going, you discover it’s about layering. Things evolve and change, but it’s all about getting started which is the hardest part. For instance look at the before and after shots of the closet when I first began and then the one above from today with labelled bins. You can see the progression. One of these days I’ll organize the box with candles as well, but not today. I have bigger things to tackle at the moment! xoxox Amy

New Carpet on the Stairs, a Confession and Solution.

The Solution


 I have a confession to make. I H-A-T-E  looking at my new carpet. Hate it. It is driving me nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I love the carpet. It has flecks of gold, creme and brown and it’s exactly what I wanted. It will hold up to traffic, feels good on my feet, doesn’t show a lick of dirt and is a great color…unless it’s next to the painted wall. Today I realized it’s the paint. It makes the carpet look ugly and it’s not ugly. It’s all about the paint.  

 Here’s the story. I have golden/yellow paint in the living area which I love, a deeper greenish gold in the entry which I hate don’t love and another shade of gold in the  dining area which is okay, although it’s a tad bright when the sun comes in. It’s complicated to explain how those three different shade got in my house, but the simple fact is I don’t like them together and I don’t like them with my carpet. I preach all the time about whole house planning and technically I have followed my plan by having all yellow/gold walls – but because they are all a different shade, they are driving me nuts. Absolutely nuts. It took the carpet to make me realize it.  

The solution. I love my woodwork, drapes, furniture (well most of it!), slate and wood floors. The paint though is a problem, but lucky for me it’s the least expensive thing to change. And even better, I found a fabulous painter who is a perfectionist, slow and inexpensive. I adore him. Sooooooo… when he finishes up a few other jobs he is going to paint my entire lower level one single color. I am so excited. It’s a perfect example of why continuity and planning ahead with a Whole House Plan is important.    

Anyway, here are some “before” shots of my stairs when we moved in and “after” showing the new carpet. Keep in mind that while the paint looks horrible with the carpet…that will not be an issue in a few months!  

Yikes! I forgot how bad it was when we first moved in! Pink wallpaper, blue carpet and inexpensive grey ceramic tile. Ouch!


We painted several years ago, pulled up the carpet, and laid a gorgeous slate floor. Love, my slate floor! Like the paint with the wood and slate, but it's just not right with the new carpet or the rest of the house. That will be changing for sure!


As I mentioned the other day, I chose to bind the edges of the carpet rather than roll them making a nice clean finished edge.


Here's a photo looking up the stairs from the landing. I know, paint is awful with the carpet. Say no more.


And here's the second set of stairs looking down the landing. It will be perfect once I get the new paint on the walls!


New carpet and a chip of the future paint! I can't wait to show you the final photo's. It will be soooooooo much better! The paint is Valspar from Lowe's


  Whoooo… I feel so much better now that I have a solution. I actually thought at first it was the carpet I hated, but thankfully, after exploring it more I realized it’s just a matter of paint. xoxoxo Amy