A Must Have Tool for Home Decorating!

It's like having "people"


Chances are if you love to decorate, you also love to move your furniture around and if you’re like me… when you’re ready to move it, you don’t have time to wait for someone to help you. Enter the worlds greatest backsaving invention: Furniture Sliders. These little suckers will take the weight of a piece of furniture I can barely lift and glide it across the room like butter. They are that good. This weekend I moved an entire bedroom set (photos coming soon) from one room to another; crossing from hardwood over to carpet in less than a half an hour. 


 There are a couple of brands on the market that I know of including the original EZ Moves, Waxman Super Slides and EZ Sliders. I’ve used each of them and I like them all.   

I saw this display (see below) of 16 pc. Super Slides at my local Lowe’s Store last night for an unbelievable price of $9.99. It’s the best deal I’ve seen on slides. If they have them at your local Lowe’s I’d grab them. Heck, grab a few extra and give them as a gift for new homeowners!


Lowe's currently has these Super Slides for $9.99.


 Wondering how furniture glides work? Check out this video from Bed, Bath and Beyond…   

Click on the photo above to go see a demonstration.


 Don’t forget, drawing up a floor plan is the best way plan your arrangement and know it will fit BEFORE you move you move the furniture. To make it even easier, you can find and print free grid paper over at the Assistant Product Group. Don’t know how to draw a floor plan? No problem… you’ll find free instructions as well! Click on this link and look in the right side column under Decorating Tools!   

So that’s my tip for the day. Your back will thank you and family members may even volunteer to help! No promises on the last one – haha! xoxox Amy 


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