A Creative (and inexpensive) Way to add Additional Seating

Not just any folding chair....

As you will discover in my post on Monday, I am somewhat obsessed with Ikea. If I wasn’t completely immersed in renovating our website, it could be a problem! By the way, make sure to take one last look at the current website, because in a week or so we are going to throw a party to celebrate a brand new look – yay!

Speaking of parties… I love to have gatherings at my house. Chances are if its Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or time for a graduation party, we are celebrating it my house. Because of that, one thing that I’m always on the outlook for is a way to add extra seating. I finally got my cocktail area, but I had one blank wall that I was debating on what to do with, when I remembered these amazing wooden fold-up chairs at Ikea with… get this…  a HOLE in the back for hanging on a wall. Genius I tell you, simply genius.

I love that these can be hung on a wall.

These chairs are perfect to grab for guests during a party and look great hanging on the wall. Plus, beside’s that clever hole, there is something else I love about them just as much – they are (hold onto your pants) only $14.99 ea. Gotta love that! I picked up two and because the wall hooks at Ikea were sold out, I bought a pair at Home Depot on my way home that I actually like better. Once I got my tools together, it took me about 10 minutes to anchor the hooks into the drywall and done! The only bad thing was the tag left behind a bit of residue, but goo-off cleaned it right up!

Until I figure out exactly what to do with this corner, I placed an old tree there that I had along with a tiny birds nest... It will do for now. It's always a work in progress!

Make sure to hang the highest chair within an arms reach and leave enough room to lift the chair up to get it off of the hook! As I said this corner is changing... but I do like the picnic basket. It's holding the frisbees for Dolce and Sami. See Dolce at the door? She's driving me nuts and ready to go! Yipee.

Recently, Ashley and I had a baby shower for about 25 people and it was so much fun to reach to the wall and grab an extra chair for a guest. So stylish, yet totally functional; everyone loved them! xoxox Amy


4 thoughts on “A Creative (and inexpensive) Way to add Additional Seating

  1. Great tip! And really cool look with the chairs on the wall!

    I try to think of/find really innovative things for decor that couples with functionality and this might be one of my favorites!

  2. Hi Amy,
    Was on your blog after visiting Tyler’s and ran across this folding chair. Love the idea and the chairs are very handsome. I am in the process of redoing my living room; furniture is to be delivered next weekend. I can’t wait. Finally furniture that my big boys can fit in comfortably! Love your site and will be visiting often I am sure. Miss you. Lynne

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