Spring flowers always make me smile!


This was the weekend for planting flowers… we have this ritual each year where Mike and I shop together to pick them out, I plant them in all the boxes, pots and baskets on the deck and Mike will nurture them all summer. I think I get the best end of the deal, don’t you? 

When choosing flowers I like an english garden/wild flower look. I also like to mix up the texture and heights of the plants. I have a mix of sun and shade, so my flowers were chosen accordingly, otherwise I randomly pick flowers that I think compliment each other. Here’s what’s blooming 0n the deck this year…

We came home with three flats of miscellaneous flowers plus a few other things for fillers…

I started with my window baskets that hang on the deck rail and always include a spike for height, asparags fern and some trailing vines to hang over the edge.

Before I started though, I had to move Beanie…
Beanie is either incredibly confident ora little crazy. Can you see the drop off behind him? I’m going with crazy. He was seriously sound asleep on that railing!
Here’s a hanging basket that is suspended from a decorative hanger on a column of the wrap around porch
I love this oversized tea-pot that I found at Wal-Mart… the bird’s nest was a bonus find when trimming overhanging branches!
I have a pair of railing pots on either side of a set of stairs that goes to the side yard. You can see that we still need to mulch, but will probably wait a bit longer so it is still rich and dark when we have Tyler’s graduation party in July.
I also planted a few hydrangea in a corner bed that desperately needed some attention. I’ll show you that when it’s done!

Of course one of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts is going in the garden bed as well! My oldest son Michael gave me this beautiful piece of art 🙂

And are these little guys not adorable? They’re my latest HomeGoods find! I do adore that place! 

I’ll post more later… it’s always a work in progress! I’m working on a few bedrooms and will have before and after shots that I’ll show soon, plus there are lots of ongoing organizing around the house as well – I’ve got some great organizing tips to share! Happy Memorial Day weekend! xo Amy





3 thoughts on “Spring flowers always make me smile!

  1. Amy, your yard it looking great! IT looks very similiar to ours with all the trees. I would love to see pics of your home have you ever posted them on your blog?? Also where did you get all of your flowers? I have been very uninspired with what i am seeing this year?
    HAVe a great weekend, Sue

  2. Hey Sue! I have various indoor photo’s on getting organized, a cocktail area, my dining room, etc. I have a couple of more I’m working on inside and out and will post as I go!

    We actually went to a few places for flowers and usually like to go to a local nursery, but one was closed and the other was just really expensive. We had given up and were going to go another day and decided to stop at Meijers for a few grocery items – before shopping we went to the outdoor garden center and were pleasantly surprised. That’s where all those flowers are from! Had a wonderful weekend until Monday when Coach Tressel resigned. So sad. Hope you had a great weekend!

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