Fabulous Spring Ideas for Container Gardening

Wednesday was a really tough work day this week, but I suffered through it so I could share these really great ideas with you! In the name of creative exploration, Gigi and I decided to go to Epcot in search of new ideas and a little bit of fun! We took along our friend Loring who made it magical!

According to Loring, Disney is all about the Ball. I really hadn’t explored Epcot before, but quickly discovered it is an amazing mix of flowers, plants, science, rides, people and food. Truly an amazing place!

Well, okay…it’s all about the Ball AND the fashion. Loring of course, as anyone would know, is Rapunzel… note the fabulous hair she personally designed with a pair of scissors, colored hair bands and scissors. She sleeps in the hair. Every night. She also decided to add my terry cloth Tassi-like headband which she stole borrowed. I use it to hold my hair back when I wash my face or put on make-up. I had no idea how important it was for a princess to have the right “look”  at Disney… you should have seen those precious little girls checking each other out!

Meanwhile, this is what we were checking out….

I have an inexpensive black “treasure” chest that once housed dress-up costumes for my kids, in my storeroom. After seeing this, I think I’m going to dig it out and use in my backyard…

 I really like this wagon filled with pots of flowers. You also could fill it with dirt and plants directly!


And check this out….when your kids graduate to a larger bicycle, preserve the memories by adding a basket and filling with plants! Adorable, yes?

Go grab some old shoes. Add some dirt and a couple of pretty little flowers and looky what you can make…

Have a broken old metal chair frame? How cute is this for re-purposing?

I don’t have a lot of space in my yard for a traditional garden, but these metal tubs would be perfect for my first ever herb garden this summer, don’t you think?


And speaking tubs… Do you spy what I spy?

And I love these flowers on top of a boulder…

If you have fountain that doesn’t work anymore, no worries! How about this fab idea?

Last, but not least, I found this amazing idea over at Pinterst… I’m going to try this in my yard too, I just adore it!

We have so many more photo’s of great ideas, but hopefully that got your imagination flowing! Gigi is going to get started on some ideas soon (she’s in Florida) and I will next month – it’s not warm enough for me to plant in Ohio yet! In the meantime, I’m going to hit some GoodWill stores for some unique and inexpensive containers for my deck. Stay tuned for some more fun landscape ideas in the next week! Got any cool ideas? We’d love to hear them! xo Amy


4 thoughts on “Fabulous Spring Ideas for Container Gardening

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