Ready to Fly, a Goat Show and a Mystery

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! I’m still down in Florida and watching the adorable baby owls get ready to leave their nest. They left a dusting of tiny owlette feathers under their nest over the weekend – apparently this means they are getting ready to fly. They are so darn cute. Their big round eyes just look down at me whenever I come to say hello. Last week they would peer out at us from inside the nest. Now they are venturing out onto the branch to see the world. Take a look…

I admit have to stop myself from walking outside every hour to see if they have taken their first flight!
Gigi and I did lots of things this weekend, one was a first for me – we went to a goat tailgate show to see her grandchildren Grayson and Loring show their goats. I love tailgating for Ohio State Football Games (O-H!), but had no idea people tailgated at Goat Shows – how fun! I will admit that I was pretty clueless about both 4-H and Goat Shows, but I left pretty impressed. What a great way for kids to get involved and grow!
My friend Lisa of Pick Me Yard – Grayson and Loring’s mom, will probably blog about it soon and give you all the details, but here are my observations…
Adorable is a word you could use all day. These kids get up in the morning to feed, clean and milk their goats – what a great way to teach responsibility! They adore the goats and the goats adore them. To see them interact is, well… adorable. Here is Loring with Pearl telling her to be a good girl and to follow her lead. According to Loring it’s easy to show a goat, you just have to show them who’s in charge.  P.S. I want pink cowboy boots just like hers…
This is Grayson with Daisy. He did such a great job showing his goat, guiding the little ones and helping out with the show. When you’re showing your goat, they should stand strong with legs stretched apart and a bit behind them with the tail out.
Here’s Grayson talking to the Judge. One of the most impressive things I saw is the judge talks to every single child. Kids share what they know about their goats and answer any questions the judge may have, the kids have to be prepared for this interview. They also have to ALWAYS keep their goat between the judge and themselves… it’s like an ongoing dance as the judge walks around the arena and the kids constantly change their positions.
Here’s the Judge talking to two of the PeeWee’s… This is some serious stuff for Loring and her friend Ty…
It’s a family affair at the Goat Show – even the babies come along for the day. This little guy is only a week or two old…
The coolest thing families with Milk Goats is they have fresh milk daily when the mom’s are finished nursing their young. They use it to make cheese, creamy fudge and soap.
Of course after a hard day’s work at the fairgrounds, you need some food!  We brought some yummy vegetable soup that Gigi made. I love to use mason jars to bring juice to work and this worked perfect for a tailgate. You can visit Krista and Jen who have some great recipes for Jar lunches.
Overall it was such a fun day!
So here is a mystery… Gigi ordered this amazing kitchen tool and put it away in a drawer. She re-discovered it the other day and we can’t figure out what it does. The “bolt” is not threaded, doesn’t come off one end, but comes off the other. We have no idea and can’t find it on the internet. It’s by a company called kuchenprofi. It’s driving us nuts! Check it out…
Have a Great Day! Tomorrow I’ll have some more landscape ideas. xo Amy

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