Fun Ideas for the “Kids” in your Yard

Ready for more landscaping ideas from Epcot last week? Some are for kids of the little version and others would are perfect for kids just like us!

The tent above is too cute, isn’t it? The frame is bamboo, but you could use branches from any tree. The greenery is also bamboo, but you could use all kinds of plants including jasmine, vining flowers and more. I found directions on how to build the one below using long bean seeds for the vine…

Click here for Directions!

I have a spot under my deck that I am planning on landscaping this year and have a great idea for an old window I bought from my friend crafty friend Sue who is opening up a shop called the Rusty Bucket at a local antique mall in a few weeks. I’m going to hang my white window frame from the bottom of my deck, add a window box and plant some flowers that love shade. I think it ‘ll be a great way to create a garden “room”. I’ll share the details when I do!

I love tunnels for kids in gardens and along pathways… it would be so simple to re-create the one below with some twine, stakes and chicken wire. This uses bamboo, but I’ve seen gorgeous garden tunnels with flowing vines or even pumpkin… how fun would it be to play in it all summer and then harvest pumpkins in the fall?

I discovered some directions for the larger tunnel below from Thrify Fun that is pretty cool…


Here’s an inexpensive and easy project… Two clay pots – one large, one medium, a draining tray and some paint = instant bird bath!

A playground at Epcot has these man-made steps leading up to the slide…

Look at what GiGi did last year with some logs she had from a tree that was cut down…

I love the look of an english garden with mazes, hedges and wildflowers. I’m pretty sure I cannot duplicate this…

BUT… I’m pretty sure a version of this is possible…

It’s possible, yes?  Don’t you just LOVE this? I am going to try my hand at hedges this spring. Love it.

I love layers of color and texture in a garden, don’t you? This was one of my favorite layers in the French City of Around the World

A bit of advice. Don’t go if on a strict diet. You will blow it. At least GiGi and I split one.. there are no words for how creamy yummy this Napoleon was, but I digress…

If you have a fence in your garden or want to add a section as a back drop for some of your plants, this is so fun! A few old garden tools, some cans of spray paint and voila…


Speaking of darling… There was a Fairy area that was so whimsical. Tucked into the plants were little fairy houses perched on logs. I have some indoor birdhouses that I don’t use any more. I’m thinking I could decorate them, spray with varnish to protect and sprinkle them throughout my side yard. Would that be fun?

So what fun things are you doing in your garden this spring? xo Amy


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