Quick Weekend Project – Organize your Refrigerator

You’ll be seeing lots more organizing projects here in the future when GiGi starts blogging with me over the next few weeks. Why, you might ask? Well, lets just say GiGi is compulsively obsessed addicted … well, let’s just say she loves to organize things. Well not really things, really everything. She loves to organize closets, refrigerators, garages, cars; basically nothing is off-limits.. And it’s not just her things. Chances are if you invite her over for a visit, she will be organizing and re-arranging your home within the hour. She just can’t help herself.

Just ask her friend Jean. She’ll tell you when she comes to visit, Gigi literally doesn’t stop till the sun comes up. Jean wakes up to find closets, drawers and more re-arranged with a place for everything and everything in its place. She’ll think she has discovered everything Margie organized until she opens up her purse and finds everything color coded and organized down to the pennies. True story.

GiGi invaded our friend Dr. Nune’s home a few months ago and organized it from top to bottom. There wasn’t an area left undone.  Dr. Nune will tell you her newly organized home has changed her life, she is so happy with all of it!  GiGi and I stopped by tonight for some Dosa’s (a traditional Indian lentil/vegetable protein crepe), scrambled eggs, salsa and homemade yogurt. For a special treat after dinner, we had Indian coffee. I’m going to show you how to make it soon, promise! It is so darn good…it’s a bit of work, but sooooo worth it! The drill sergeant GiGi of course had check out if Dr. Nune was maintaining the “systems” she had installed…

Yep, that’s GiGi’s finger…just a few things were out of place 🙂

I clicked a few photos so you could see her refrigerator. It’s a pretty quick project to do this weekend and it makes such a difference! Here’s some tips to get your refrigerator organized!

At the top of refrigerators, milk and juice boxes tend to block each other along with other items on the shelf. A small turntable and glass jars ensure that everything is accessible. You can find the glass Frigoverre jars at HomeGoods or The Container Store – the key is to transfer your liquids as soon as you get home from the market. Always store the containers on the turnaround whether they are full or empty. It is their “home”, so they always stay there. Gigi used a rubber band and round key tags to label the contents. Not only does it work well – it looks great too! The turntable has a 11″ diameter.

The turntable is also perfect for condiments. Here’s a larger one that GiGi uses in her fridge for condiments…

GiGi also likes to use glass containers to store food such as vegetables, soup, leftovers and more because they are the safest choice to store food. A second choice would be to use airtight plastic containers, but make sure they are a no.5 – you can check it on the bottom of the container. The best kind of containers have straight sides (as opposed to cantilevered) and are either square or rectangle in shape. Why? Because they fit well together and waste the least amount of space. The rule is to fill your fridge with the containers and LEAVE them there, whether full or empty. It’s really a great system, as you don’t have to waste space storing them in your cabinets.

Check out this drawer….

I love using the $1.00 office organizer to hold the cheese and dressing packet. Think outside the box and find things that will keep items together and in an easy accessible place. Look for items you can use that you already own or check out the dollar store. It doesn’t have to be expensive to live an organized life. Ziplock baggies work okay in a drawer, but if you need to store them on a shelf, a clear container works better.

If you have items such as bread, bagels, over-flow fresh vegetables or fruits, etc. put them in a bin rather than leaving to sit loose on a shelf. A bin is easy to pull out and access. Using a clear container is a bonus as it makes it easy to see to see the contents.  Hidden items tend to go to waste. Out of sight, out of mind as they say…

What do you think? I’d love to hear any other refrigerator ideas you have! I organized mine a while ago, but I think I’m going to switch to the glass milk jars, too. I’ll show you pictures when I’m done! xo Amy


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