A Love Affair with Mason Jars

I am having a love affair with Mason Jars. It started innocently enough. I bought my first set at Wal-Mart when I started juicing to keep my juice fresh when carrying to work or on the run…

I also use them to store and freeze soup like my favorite minestrone soup mix I love to make  lately. Chances are if you live near me and get sick, I will bring you a jar of this

I heart this soup mix. I don’t add meat or pasta, but do add some vegetable base, carrots, celery and onions. So good.

Then I discovered the short one’s with the large opening…

They hold as much as the other ones… I use them for juice and soup too, but they are also perfect for the homemade sugar scrub I like to make – I’ll share that recipe with you tomorrow!

Last month I was frustrated with all the celestial tea boxes I had in my cabinet with tea bags inside that weren’t individually wrapped and thought, hmmmm…. what can I use to keep this tea fresh?

The mason jars are perfect! The only problem was I wanted to stack them on my shelves and they really are not designed for stacking – they are very slippery on the bottom. My solution? Rubber shelf liner.

I had some and traced the outline of the lid…

Then cut a square around the outline…

I folded it in half…

and then in quarters…

and then cut along the outline…

It’s a simple way to get a pretty good circle!

Place it on top of the lid, add a jar on top and voila! They stack quite well now! Yes, I know they need cute labels, but for now my trusty little labeler came through in a pinch…

A few weeks ago I had to buy these adorable little mini jars…

I had pinned this recipe for personal pies from The Family Kitchen

and this one for an Eggnog Spicecake Trifle from Today’s Nest on Pinterest

and thought they would be perfect in those petite mason jars with a pretty ribbon or twine, don’t you agree?

When I was at GiGi’s, she needed containers to store her chia and flax seeds on the counter for quick access and guess what she used? Yep! Mason Jars. I tried it at my house when I got home… Double adorable in that basket, don’t you think?

When at GiGi’s we also made meals in a jar for on the road – check out these from Big Red Kitchen

I know if I went to Pinterest, I would find a hundred thousand million more ideas for these inexpensive jars! They just make my heart pitter patter! What do you use them for? Amy xo

4 thoughts on “A Love Affair with Mason Jars

  1. Hi Amy– Here is recipe I use for Home made sugar scrub: 16oz of brown or white sugar, 4or 5 oz of sunflower oil and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. (I like lavender or grapefruit-vanilla combination. Just mix and pour into a favorite jar. Enjoy—Kati

  2. I use this every night in the shower. It is a wonderful way to exfoliate your entire body. I even use this scrub on my face. The sunflower oil leaves just enough moisturizer on your body without feeling greasy.

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