Five Kitchen Tools I Love

Over the last few years I’ve discovered that I enjoy cooking and baking. I’m having fun exploring spices, recipes, gadgets, appliances and more. It wasn’t always that way. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve cooked for my family for many moons, but as a family, we were always on the run – running to baseball, football, cheerleading, volleyball, track… you name it, we were running there. As a result, we rarely sat down to dinner together, not because we didn’t want to, but because we were just busy running. Dinner was almost always on the fly. For the longest time I believed boxed or frozen food was faster and more convenient.

I  admit I was pretty much in the dark  about spices, fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits. Back then, I was the queen of frozen food and microwaves.

Today, I realize that it’s possible to create simple, clean, healthy meals  just as fast and they are soooooo much better. Better, in that it tastes better and better, in that it’s better for you. If you visit my kitchen today you’ll find very little frozen or boxed food and lots of fruits, veggies, rice, nuts, beans and potatoes.  I find I enjoy discovering new recipes and trying foods I have never tasted. My taste buds are beginning to crave vegetables and salads. Bread is less appealing. Well, okay, not really about the bread… but if I do eat bread I try to make it whole grain.

As I explore the world of cooking, I find myself getting excited about gadgets. A day in the kitchen is so much nicer with handy little gadgets that really work!

Here are five tools I’ve discovered that I think you might like:

Not your mother’s SPATULA: This spatula by Good Cook is amazing. My Aunt went on and on about it and I was like yea, yea, yea… until she bought me one and I promptly fell in love. Now I buy them for other people – it’s that good. It gets every single drop out of a bowl in one quick sweep. I won’t use any other spatula.

ROTARY SIFTER: When I started making cakes and icing from scratch, a lot of recipes required sifted flour. I dutifully attempted to sift with my little sifter… you know the one… it has a handle that you squeeze…. and squeeze…. and squeeze until you feel like your hand is going to fall off. I never sifted flour again. That is until I discovered this

This baby simply requires you to turn the handle and as you do, it effortlessly and smoothly sifts your flour – fast. Here’s a peek inside…

The wire ball rolls through the flour and voila! Done. No finger cramps, no aggravation, no wasted time.  Now I actually look forward to sifting. It really is about having good tools!

AVOCADO PEELER/CORER: We have been trying to add more avocados to our diet – they are really good for you and oh so yummy. We mostly toss them into salads. Tonight we had a romaine and Spinach salad with onion, sliced avocado, strawberries, cranberries, almonds and a dash of parmesan, topped off with a balsamic dressing. My oldest son’s girlfriend gave me us the cutest basket for Easter with a bottle of wine, chocolates, egg-shaped rice crispy treats stuffed with M&M’s, grapefruit spoons (she knew I was looking for them) and this handy little tool

Yes. She’s a keeper.

Of course you could core and peel without this, but why? This little tool is just so handy. Simply slice the avocado long ways all the way around, then use this end to pop out the pit/seed…

Then use the other end to scoop out the insides of each half…

Not only does it scoop out all the goodness, but you’re left with perfectly beautiful slices. So nice!

STAINLESS STEEL SCRAPER, CHOPPER, SCOOPER: These are simple little tools, but I love scooping up chopped veggies and such in one big sweep and then dumping them into whatever I’m cooking or sauteing…

I like the bigger one best for scooping, but the smaller one is nice too – I like to use the flat end of it to get crumbs off my tablecloth after a dinner party. I really don’t use either of them to chop – I prefer a sharp knife for that.

Last but not definitely not least…

BATTERY OPERATED SALT & PEPPER GRINDERS: I love freshly ground sea salt and pepper, but manually grinding them was kind of a pain… that is until I got these…

I love these tall boys! A bonus is these came with a base for re-charging – no batteries to replace! Love them.

Do you have any favorite gadgets in your kitchen? Have a great weekend! xo Amy

P.S. I blogged about these products because I genuinely like them! I haven’t been paid or compensated to write this!


6 thoughts on “Five Kitchen Tools I Love

  1. Thank you – you’ve solved one of the greatest mysteries of my kitchen that has been bugging me for YEARS.

    When I moved in with my husband, he had, buried in the far reaches of the culinary drawer, something that looked like a tiny torture device. I never knew what it was til this day.

    It is (drum roll please…) AN AVOCADO SLICER. Or at least the same gadget that you say removes the inner in neat slices. I am totally going to try using it now. 🙂

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