She said Yes!

I hope you like Weddings. I really hope you do, because I’m going to be talking a lot about weddings all through this year and into the next! I’ll still be talking about decorating, organization, cooking, gardening and what ever else pops into my head, but now we get to add wedding planning to the mix! Yay!

Meet Ashley…

Isn’t she adorable? I admit I’m just a tad prejudiced! She’s my favorite daughter. Okay, I can say that because she’s my only daughter and she really is adorable, isn’t she?

Ashley has always made me proud. She’s kind, sensitive, smart, athletic, generous and always thinking about someone else. She excelled in school, played volleyball, basketball, softball, was a cheerleader and volunteered lots. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati and has settled into a job that keeps her really busy. Pink is her color, she thinks she’s a princess and has always dreamed of happily ever after with her prince and little prince and princes running around. She is pretty, fun, tall (5′-9″), opinionated, confident and best of all, she’s in love!

Meet Greg!

Isn’t he handsome? The key thing here is he is as nice as he is cute! He’s a fireman at two different departments, smart, athletic, tall, (Ashley can wear 4″ heels and still be shorter!), adventurous, confident, from a big family, loves his mom and best of all loves my daughter! I knew that he was the “one” when he surprised her one day (for no particular reason) with a set of pink golf clubs. He said he wanted her to learn how to play so they could golf together. How awesome is that? Most guys are wanting to get away to the golf course, he wants her to join him. I love that!

I told Ashley a few years before she met Greg, that she should be patient. I told her that she would know when she met the right one, that it would be worth it. She got a little upset with me at the time, but I felt that it needed to be said. I told her that the guy that was the “one” would work as hard at making her happy as she did at making him happy. She told me a year after she started dating Greg she now knew what I meant… that Greg was the “one”. That makes me happy.

The first week of January Ashley asked me to go to dinner with the girls – Greg’s Mom, one of his sisters, his brother’s fiance and a friend. I was debating on if was going to go, until Mike said Greg had called and was stopping by for a cigar and to “talk about his future with Ashley”. My heart went pitter-patter… I was a nervous wreck! Haha! I immediately texted Ashley and said I would be there. She had no idea he was going to propose and I had to work really, really hard to not let on. Greg and Ashley had talked about rings, but she thought maybe he would propose later in the year.

I saw Greg right before I left for Olive Garden and gave him a hug, got all teary-eyed and probably made a fool out of myself. I was just so darn happy for them. He said he was going to ask her on top of a snow-capped mountain the following weekend while on a ski trip with friends. The cutest thing about it all was how nervous he was about the ring. He picked it out and designed it all by himself. He wasn’t nervous about asking her to marry him or talking to Mike… he was nervous about if she liked the ring… of course she L.O.V.E.D it. Loves it, loves it, loves it. He did good. She tells me all the time that it is perfect and it is.

Greg also told me before they left for the ski trip, that he had asked his mom to have an engagement party for them when they got back – isn’t that the nicest thing for him to have thought about that?  I helped out with the food for the party and along with some other things, I made some really yummy white chocolate raspberry filled cupcakes. I’ll share the recipe for those next week!

On January 14th, 2012, they officially became engaged…

Yay! She was is so happy. We are so happy for them and of course now we are officially planning a wedding. The goal is to have her dream wedding within a budget…should be a snap, right? Pinterest has my head spinning with tons of great ideas! I see lots of fun DIY experimental projects in the future!

I asked Ashley if her and Greg would mind if I blogged about their journey from “Yes” to “I-Do”! …she said I could! I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I’m going to! I’ve got lots of ideas to share with you already and would love to hear any of your favorite one’s too!  xo Amy

10 thoughts on “She said Yes!

  1. Planning your only daughter’s Wedding is one of THE MOST Special things you and your Prescious daughter can do together! ENJOY THE PROCESS!

  2. Congrats your daughter and fiance. I loved how you presented my sugar scrub. Will talk to you about it next week. I am looking forward to seeing you.

  3. I am so excited to go thru this adventure with you!! And hopefully pick up a few ideas for when my daughter decides she has found “the one”

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