She said Yes… Now What? Five Questions to Answer ASAP

So he asked and she said yes. Ashley and Greg are engaged. Now what? Of course there are hugs, photo’s, the story of how he proposed and the showing of ring, but then what?

We quickly discovered 5 questions we needed to answer sooner than later…

1) What is the date or a set of possible dates for the wedding? We started looking at churches and reception venues in February 2012.  The wedding was approximately 17 months away and yet to our shock, we found some places were already booked. I couldn’t believe it! Ashley and Greg were tossing around the idea of a Friday wedding and were torn until they found their possible Friday date was the wedding anniversary of both her grandparents AND his grandparents. Needless to say, Friday it is. How perfect is that?

2)What is your budget? Mike and I came up with a lump sum to give Ashley and Greg for their wedding to use any way they wanted. Anything above and beyond that would be their responsibility. Greg’s parents also told them what they would help with. Having a budget defined at the beginning was crucial because will affect all of the decisions they’ll make.

 3) How many guests will attend your wedding and reception? Several things come into play here. How many friends and family members do you wish to invite? How many friends and family can you afford to invite? Is it more important to have a lavish dream wedding with a smaller group of friends and family or to have a larger wedding on a tighter budget and be surrounded by lots of friends and family? Ashley and Greg agreed was better to have everyone that is important to them at the wedding. This means finding a venue that will hold 275 to 300 people. They found a great place across the river and booked it! I can’t wait to meet with the planner there. The goal, for me, is to help Ashley create the wedding she’s dreamed of since she was a little girl and keep it within the budget.

4) Will it be an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding? Ashley really, really wanted an outdoor tented wedding. The problem was two-fold… Cincinnati Weather is totally unpredictable and a tented wedding with everything they wanted for 300 people was not realistically in their budget.  It was possible- but there would have been so many variables, lots of work to pull it off and so many unknowns. In the end, they decided it wasn’t worth the stress. They settled for an indoor location they both really loved.

5) What kind of ceremony will you have and where? It’s really important to Greg that they get married in a Catholic Church. Because it’s important to Greg, it is just as important to Ashley.  She isn’t Catholic, but they often go to church together. They’ll get married in a Catholic ceremony – Ashley’s only wish is that it’s a traditional, beautiful church with a long gorgeous aisle. I think the place they want is a go and I love it! It is downtown, steeped in history and absolutely stunning.  Turns out, time is of the essence when booking a church too… who knew?

Being thrown into the world of wedding planning made me realize there needed to be some rules of engagement for both Ashley and I if our relationship was going to survive this process. I’m not worried about our relationship surviving, but I do want to make sure it is FUN. I want good memories of planning this special day with my only daughter. We don’t really need rules, but we do need boundaries. Okay, I need boundaries because it is her day! More about that next week. xo Amy

7 thoughts on “She said Yes… Now What? Five Questions to Answer ASAP

  1. Hi, well, congratulations on your daughter’s engagement I can only imagine how excited you all are …

    This is a really great post, you’ve covered all the big, crucial things that need to be planned before you can concentrate on all the really fun “details” – like getting you both an amazing outfit!

    I hope that, just as you wish, the planning is a fun activity you can share together – from my experience with my Mum having some boundaries in place was a good idea! Made it so much easier, and made it a wonderful time.

    Very best wishes and again a lovely post,

    theweddinghunter (Milly)

  2. AMy, great post, and remember you are not only doing this for Ashley, but for all of your friends who have daughters who will be down this path in the future!! No pressure, hehe

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