Fabulous Outdoor Projects with Inexpensive Netting

I love the look of netting – it creates instant softness and ambiance. Romance, whimsy, fun… netting adds a touch of all three, don’t you think? Typically, you’ll find it indoors over a bed as a canopy like the one I saw over at Interior Design Trends

It’s lovely, but what about using netting for outside your home?

Gigi has a backyard project-in-progress…

It’s a combination zip-line/slide/swinging chair/star-gazing platform. Last year when I was visiting there was a huge meteor show and we “camped out” on top with our ipad to watch. Did you know there’s an app for stargazing? It’s called SkyWatch – it’s really pretty cool. As you point your ipad to the sky, it identifies what you’re looking at. It was lots of fun until we fell asleep and woke up freezing to death.

Last week I was perusing Pinterest and saw this awesome star-gazing deck

It immediately made me think of GiGi’s and I couldn’t wait to show it to her. Of course she L-O-V-E-D it and our brains started working in over-time. Our first thought was Ikea’s beautiful ready-to-hang pair of netted drapery panels that sell for a really great price. They’re easy to trim to your desired length and cost a whopping $4.99. Yes. Four dollars and ninety-nine cents. That’s $2.50 per panel. They’re 98″ long and 110″ wide. Amazing. Here’s a photo…

Of course Miss “Ask Me and I Probably Have It” – AKA GiGi, had 5+ pair  (actually 10 pair)  lying around along with some inexpensive spring-rods from Wal-Mart like these…

And today we did this…

Well, really she did it, I helped at the end! Look at it from the side…

Don’t you just love it? Here’s a side view of the swinging chair inside…

This project took a pair of scissors, five sets of panels and 5 tension rods. She trimmed the bottoms and used the extra material for the tie-backs. She’s planning on using fishing sinkers to weigh down the bottoms. This way when you shut the panels they won’t blow in the wind and those nasty little mosquitoes will stay out.

Apparently this is a pretty romantic spot, because bunches of love-bugs moved in…

See how the bottom two are attached? Yep. That’s how most of them fly around all day… like little love-birds bugs.

Last year GiGi helped her daughter – Lisa of PickMeYard, throw a Princess Tea Party for her daughter Loring’s Birthday. Loring is GiGi’s granddaughter. You can read all about the amazing details here, but below is a sneak preview…

I want a princess Tea Party. I think this would just be plain awesome to have in your backyard. She had a wrought iron gazebo and used white and purple sheer netting panels from Ikea along with a spool of wire. She strung the netting onto the wire and hung it around the perimeter. How fun would it be to have your friends over for lunch and tea in this beauty?

I have a deck with a partial patio underneath that I plan to make a weekend project this summer – I’ll share it when it’s complete, but in the meantime I found this great under-the-deck area that was transformed into a clubhouse for kids…

I love the green fabric hanging from the underside of the deck… I’m thinking netting would look awesome for a more sophisticated area.

I’m definitely going to incorporate netting in my next outdoor project – are you? xo Amy

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