Chalk Paint Update

I can’t believe the work week is here and almost gone! I am still in the middle of several Chalk Paint projects – don’t you LOVE my checkerboard coffee table pictured above so far? I adore it. You’ll have to wait to see the final photos though, because a) none of my projects are 100% finished and b) I’m in Florida on business with Gigi (my business partner and friend) for the next two weeks. After that, I’ll be home a day and then off to NYC for a fabulous weekend! I already know its going to be fabulous because NYC is always fabulous. Even on a hot summer smelly day, it just is fabulous.

I thought I’d give you a quick update on my ongoing experiments with Milk and Chalk Paint. Have I told you that I am in love with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint as well as her clear and dark wax? I am in love with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. There, I told you again. Seriously, I can’t get enough of it and the funny part is I really don’t like to paint. But, because I love this stuff so much, maybe now I kinda sorta like to paint.

It started innocently. Really, I could blame it on you. I thought to myself… what is this chalk paint and milk paint that I keep reading about? What is the difference between the two products, how are they to work with and why is every going gaga over them? I mean really,  as a blogger and designer isn’t it my responsibility to explore this trend? So of course because I love you, I dove in and quickly formed some pretty solid opinions on the two.

Milk Paint? Major pain in the behind and that’s being nice, but it does have its unique qualities (it gets chippy in random lovely places) and is quite nice if you have the time and patience for the process. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the above and therefore I am confident I will not be mixing another batch anytime soon… unless I decide to try Miss Mustard Seed’s new line when it comes out and of course I probably will – mostly because I really do like her and the work that she does. Hopefully, it’s like childbirth in that the distance of time (plus the sweetness of that little bundle of  joy) eventually makes you forget the pain.

Chalk Paint? Have I told you how much I love it? It’s sooooo easy. No priming or sanding required, comes pre-mixed in a can, covers really well, dries fast, look gorgeous. Done… signed, sealed and delivered, amen.

Anyway, I’m probably being overly dramatic, but I really started with a simple metal mirror and before I knew it I had painted two outdoor container pots for herbs, a mirror, a coffee table, a dresser for my daughter, an old small cabinet that was my mother-in-laws and a work table in my office. Plus, when I get back I have plans to paint an entire set of furniture for my guest bedroom. I know. I’m slightly obsessed. Maybe possessed. Either way, I have lots of unfinished projects that eventually I will be ready to share, promise! xo Amy


6 thoughts on “Chalk Paint Update

  1. You almost have me convinced to do some chalk painting myself! Mainly two built in china cabinets that are in desperate need of a facelift! Thanks for being “the guinea pig”….

  2. Amy, My business partner/friend and I went to Misselaineous’s studio and took a chalk paiint class, I think I kind of fell in love with the product too, not so much with the price, but dang, it sure covers really well. I will post pics when i get a chance to use it on furniture that I have been hoarding/storing in my basement, garage, office, well you get the point, I have furniture EVERYWHERE, and I need to get painting it! Sue

    • I want to hear all about it!!! You will be surprised how far that paint will go. I put two coats on my red credenza that was 6 foot long with thickly carved drawers and I have at least a half of quart left. I can’t wait to see all your new projects! When you get some done, send me some photo’s and I’ll share them with everyone!

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