10 Tips for a Successful Decorating Project

Photo Courtesy of House Beautiful

Ponder this for a few minutes…

I love that quote and it’s so true. Think about it… what makes a house a “home” is what each person uniquely brings to their own space. Every home is different – a reflection of who we are and what we love. Starting a decorating project is often daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – take a breath and enjoy the process. These ten tips will help you create a space you love…
  1. Dream, explore, discoverTake some time to look through magazines, web sites, and newspapers; randomly clipping things that catch your attention. Don’t over think it too much. This will help you find an inspiration picture and ideas you may want to incorporate. Don’t be so sure that you and your spouse, partner or roommate are worlds apart. Designing for the sexes is not always as hard as you think!
  2. Know your space. Whether reading a floor plan or drawing your own floor plan, understand your room. How does it feel? How do you want it to feel? What will you do in this room? You can have beauty and function in every room! 
  3. Develop a plan. Look at your house as a whole and then break down each area. Whether doing a single room or a whole house; this is important. Set a budget and priorities. Inventory the items you own that you will keep, and create a wish list of what you’d like to put in each room.
  4. Get Organized! Keeping your project organized will save you time and energy. Keep everything in one place so you can grab it for shopping, meeting with contractors and finalizing selections. 
  5. Pick a starting point. Whether an inspiration picture, a piece of art, furniture that you love, or a favorite paint color; choose it and go from there. Still overwhelmed? Select the finishes for walls and floors and then work on the focal point or area of the room and spread out from there.
  6. Don’t be afraid – especially of color! Everyone makes mistakes, (even the professionals!) but you’ll never know if you like it if you don’t try it. The biggest fear for many is picking paint and matching colors. When using the age-old “squint test” it’s easy! Click for more about the squint test
  7. Furniture. Arranging furniture shouldn’t overwhelm you. With a floor plan and some “rules-of-thumb” you’ll save your back and discover that arranging furniture is fun! 
  8.  Remember ceiling! We all know we need to think about the floors and walls, but often forgotten is the ceiling. Ceiling details are a great way to add special touches and character to a room.
  9. Lighting. This is key element of every space that is often forgotten. There is day-to-day lighting, task lighting, accent lighting are equally important a room that both functional and beautiful. Lighting can make or break a room.
  10. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Often neglected or eliminated because of budget, accessories are ever so important. They define the personality of the room. Plant ledges, mantles, tabletops, etc.  are key places to create interest and tell the story of your home. Approximately 15-25% of your room budget should go towards accessories – this is not the place to negotiate. 
Happy Decorating! xo Amy

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