Florida to NYC

Photo courtesy of NYC Tourist

Such a crazy week this one is going to be. It goes something like this… I have a few more days to wrap up work here in Florida, then it’s time to head home to Cincinnati, where I’ll have a day to catch up before I board a plane on Friday for a quick weekend trip to New York City… Yay!

It’s a double bonus trip. I get to see my son Tyler and his girlfriend Jaimie and revisit my old stomping ground – a place that holds a piece of my heart. Look at this photo I took years ago from a tiny little 4 seater plane above Manhattan. Back then you were still allowed to fly around the city…

When I lived there those precious twin towers were standing tall. Oh, how I  love that city. It seems like just yesterday I was dancing at Studio 54, scouring flea markets in the village, having Sunday breakfast at a diner in Chelsea and hitting Broadway to see my favorite Musical, 42nd Street.

I cannot wait to get back. In January, Tyler (my son) played his last down as an Ohio State Buckeye and a month later landed a job in the Big Apple. His girlfriend Jaimie, a buyer in the Fashion Industry, moved there in 2012.  They share the top floor of a brownstone on the upper west side – a block or so from Central Park. To say I miss them is an understatement.

Their apartment, which I’ve only seen via photos and FaceTime is adorable, yet like most city spaces it’s pretty small. I’m looking forward to seeing it and blogging about it when I get back.

While there, I’m thinking we’ll hit broadway, have breakfast at neighborhood diner, and brunch or dinner at JoAnne Trattoria NYC

photo courtesy of  Ida Mae Astute/ABC

Joanne is owned by Lady Gaga’s parents and features a menu by Head Chef Art Smith, a dear friend of GiGi’s. Here’s a photo I found of Art, Lady Gaga and Jesus (hay-soos) at Art’s restaurant Table 52 in Chicago last year…

photo courtesy of nbc5 Chicago 

I’ve been dying to try Art’s food. I am always hearing about how amazing it is from GiGi… you would think she would let me tag along to meet Art and Jesus one of these days, wouldn’t you?

I’m looking forward to visiting F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology) and a couple of my old professors. I envision walking to Central Park (a block from Jamie and Tyler’s apartment), sharing a sundae at Serendipity, cannolis from Little Italy, people watching in Washington Square… oh my. The possibilities are endless. I just can’t wait. Do you have any “must-do'” suggestions for NYC? I hope Tyler and Jaimie are resting up…  xo Amy


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