31 Days of Juicing. Day 2: Why Juicing and What to Expect

Yesterday was day one of a three-day preparation for a month of juicing only. The routine for the next 30 days is this… I’ll give you an update on how I’m feeling, how yesterday went and my plan of action for the day. On Thursday I’ll start tracking my weight loss, which will be the first official day of juicing only. After each update I’ll share something I think you’d like to know about juicing… mostly because when I first discovered juicing I was a sponge and couldn’t get my hands on enough information about it. I thought it would be nice to share what I have learned!

Get Ready. The first three days are the hardest. Mostly, it’s a mental thing. Yesterday for me was actually okay. I drank one fruit juice, a green juice, had two bowls of soup and a large handful of almonds. It was a large handful as opposed to a small handful, because what I really wanted was the entire bag of Tostitos sitting next to the nuts. That was my only real moment of temptation. In truth, I should have had a small handful of nuts, but that’s okay because I didn’t eat the Tostitos. Yay.

I cut my sugar out a few days ago and as a result, both yesterday and today I have had a ton of energy. The only thing I can complain about is I currently have more energy than the ability to concentrate, so I am spinning in several different directions today – tackling 5 things on the to-do-list rather than one at a time. I am just having to make my self stop and re-group every once in a while. It’s a good thing though, really… way better than being lethargic when eating poorly!

Having a plan and keeping busy are my weapons to winning this challenge. Tomorrow I’ll share my tips on getting ready for the first day of juice only, but today I want to share the reasons I started juicing and a few things you can expect if you decide to try it.

Why I Started Juicing (in no particular order)

  1. I was miserable. Miserable feeling, miserable looking in the mirror, miserably tired. Scoop all that up and more… I was just plain miserable.
  2. My know-it-all business partner and friend “forced” me to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and I “got it”. That was over a year ago. I started reading about juicing like crazy, I dabbled with it, I slowly made it a part of my life. Now I share the movie with anyone who will watch it!
  3. I was overweight.
  4. I was pre-diabetic.
  5. My good cholesterol was low (it should be high).
  6. My body hurt. Feet, knee, back… really all of it.
  7. I was always tired. Always.
  8. I was finally ready. As you know, you’re not going to do it till you’re ready. Some people don’t get that, but I do. When you’re ready, I’m here for you. Bookmark this 🙂

What to Expect When Juicing 

  1. You feel better after the 3rd day. How you feel on the first three days depends on how well you prepared your body as I shared on Day 1. Don’t prepare, you’ll feel like you want to die and you’ll probably quit. I’ll say it now… I told you so. Prepare your body and it will be a bit of a struggle mentally at times, but it’s manageable and by Day 4 you will be sooooooo thankful that you hung in there!
  2. You will feel like you found a miracle beauty drug because your face will become less puffy.
  3. Your skin will become gorgeous… acne will clear up. You’ll have a glow.
  4. The need for body lotion will disappear. I am not a slather on the lotion kind of gal – it takes too much time, but my elbows have become so soft and my skin feels amazing.
  5. You will have energy like never before. You won’t believe the things you’ll get done.
  6. Your scale and you will become one. Almost every day or two you will lose a lb and sometimes more. I just love that. If you like instant gratification, you will LOVE this.
  7. You will have moments that you want to quit, but don’t. They will pass. This is where having a plan is good. Don’t let yourself get hungry.
  8. People will think you are nuts, starving yourself, anorexic, doing something unhealthy and more. My answer? Watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead then let me know what you think. I lost 57 lbs, am no longer pre-diabetic, my good cholesterol is high and I feel better than I have in 15 years. I don’t see that as a problem.

I’m sure I’ll add lots more over the next month, but for now that’s a good start! Have a great day! xo Amy

If you missed Day 1 click here to see it!

6 thoughts on “31 Days of Juicing. Day 2: Why Juicing and What to Expect

  1. You have some compelling reasons to juice. I have a juicer. So that’s a start. I can’t wait for your post tomorrow. I don’t know that I can juice on your level. But I think I could dust the ol’ juicer off and see what happens.

  2. I originally bought the Jack LaLanne from Costco for $89.00 and it was good and it worked well. It’s a great buy if money is tight. I ended up selling that and getting a Breville Juice Fountain Plus for $149.00. I love it! Big difference is it has a lot more power, 2 speeds – a low for soft fruits and veggies, a high for harder vegetables such as carrots and apples. It juices faster plus it has one less step for cleaning. If you can afford the Breville I highly recommend it, but if the Jack Lalanne fits your budget better, you can’t go wrong with that either! Good luck!

  3. I have on question for you… I’m on Day 3 and I did not prepare… my husband and I just watched FSND and started the next day. My question is will I feel better on Day 4?

    • Yes! You should definitely feel better on day four! How is it going? Make sure to drink water along with your juices and try to space out your juices so you don’t go more than 3 hours without something! I think that helps a lot! Let me know how today goes!

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