31 Days of Juicing. Day 3: Getting Started

Tomorrow is the first day of my juice fast and this morning the only thing I could think about is my last cup of coffee. I seriously thought of driving to Starbucks for one last hoorah, but I didn’t, because then I would have gotten a Grande and it would have been a Pumpkin Spice Latte, I would have said “yes” to the whipped cream and that would be counter productive. Instead I sipped a normal sized coffee with stevia and half and half and said good-bye to coffee.

I’m being a little melodramatic here. The truth of the matter is once you stop drinking caffeine, you actually have more energy and last time I did this I got hooked on Celestial’s Bengal Spice – an herbal tea that is very similar to Chai Tea, but caffeine free. I highly recommend it and you can find it at Wal-Mart.

Yesterday I ended up having a fruit juice in the morning, a bowl of my favorite minestrone soup (no pasta/no meat), a green juice and a carrot juice. At  9:00 pm I realized I was out of soup and made another pot – I’ll freeze what I don’t eat today. It took 2 hours and when done I ate a little bowl at midnight. I was a terrible water drinker – I had maybe 20 oz all day. Note to self: drink more water today, duh.

It’s still early today, but I feel good. I went to bed earlier than normal last night and I woke up before the alarm and actually felt refreshed, so that’s awesome! I’m sticking to the routine of the two previous days – 2 or 3 juices, a bowl of soup and a handful of nuts.

To prevent this from going into book length I’m going to give you some lists of advice for getting started! You can find more details on juicing that I wrote when I first started by clicking here.


  1. Click here for a printable list of recipes that I compiled from over at Join the Reboot. I like to print them and slip each into a clear sleeve to protect them when on the counter.
  2. You maybe get brave and make up your own combinations, but in the beginning stick the recipes. It’s like anything… adding to much or too less to a favorite recipe can ruin it.
  3. I recommend that you stick to all fruit juice only in the morning. You really can’t go wrong with fruit, but make sure to PEEL oranges, grapefruit, lime and lemon. Your juice will be horribly bitter if you don’t!
  4. NOTE: Watch doing too many fruit juices in a day, especially of one kind. I have never had a reaction, but some people will find too much citrus, too much of one fruit or an abundance of grapes can cause little blisters in their mouth. I have never had that happen when juicing, but did have it happen when I drank too much red wine one day. Ooooops.
  5. Almost all veggie juices are better with ginger, but start with just a little in the beginning. Too much will give it a kick that may a bit much for you. You will get used to it and eventually start adding more.
  6. Beets are not my fav, but they’re good for you. It’s all about starting small and peeling them. To be honest, they taste like dirt, but you may love them.
  7. I trim the ends of most everything. If I feel like peeling I do – it’s good to do if it’s not organic, but 9 out of 10 times I don’t. I do almost aways wash everything and sometimes even use an organic cleaning spray, but when I am in a hurry, I may not peel or wash. It’s true, don’t judge.
  8. Stick to two main vegetable juices in the beginning. My staples are green and carrot, apple, ginger.
  9. The sooner you drink a fresh juice, the more nutrients you get
  10. Store juice in an airtight container. I fill a mason jar to the rim.
  11. Drink within 24 hours for best results. Personally, I don’t like fruit juice stored at all, but it doesn’t seem to bother my husband.
  12. Use a straw. You won’t get a juice mustache!
  13. Banana’s don’t juice. You can juice fruit like mango, melon and papaya, but I think you waste a lot and I think they are better in smoothies at the end of the fast.
  14. Line the pulp container with a plastic bag from the the grocery. When full, dump in composter or tie it up and throw it away. I do NOT like to dump it directly in the garbage because it attracts fruit flies.
  15. Don’t put too much importance on what I say… explore for yourself and please do share anything that you discover
  16. Don’t pup pulp down your garbage disposal. A small bit of course is okay, but a lot will clog it. Don’t call a plumber though, a plunger should fix it. If it’s a double drain, seal one side and plunge with the other… thanks to google for that info!
  17. Peel the skin off your cucumber. Apparently, some cucumbers have a coating of wax on the outside.


  1. Plan on shopping twice a week to ensure fresh food and enough room in your fridge.
  2. Print this shopping check list each time you shop in the beginning. Check off what you need for the recipes you have chosen. I found it on-line and don’t know who wrote it, it’s awesome. If you know who the author is please tell me, I will hug her.
  3. Do NOT be embarrased if you don’t know what certain items look like. I would stand in the grocery store with my list and have to google a photo of certain items. Now? I’m like a pro. You will be too!
  4. Stick with your two vegetable recipes and try one or two new combinations a week to avoid waste.
  5. Learn what stores have the best produce/prices. I find Sam’s/Costco has the best bulk fruit and veggies, but Meijers (a grocery store in my neck of the woods) sometimes has better prices and their fruit is almost always fresh. Wal-Mart may have better prices sometimes, but their fruit is not always the freshest. You’ll learn quickly where you want to go. I do the bulk of my shopping on Sunday and fill in on Wednesday.
  6. Organic is best, but only if you can afford it. I do a mix, do whatever is best for you. More on that in a later post.
  7. If you want sweetener in your tea get some stevia, although buyer beware, all stevia is NOT alike. Some is horribly bitter. I get mine from Whole Foods – it’s NuStevia non-bitter. The packets are nice, but the powder form is much cheaper and will last forever!


  1. Sit down at night and make a plan for the next day. What are you going to juice? Are you making it all in the morning? Have a plan. I generally make all my juice in the morning. I drink the fruit one immediately. I pack one in a cooler for the office and keep two in the fridge for when I get home.
  2. Keep water in a cooler when on the go.
  3. Drink water every hour or so. Juice does not replace the need for water. Lack of water will make you feel hungry when you are really dehydrated.
  4. Have one or two herbal teas on hand for a treat and to get you through tempting times.
  5. Have an emergency back-up plan. Mine is the Bolthouse Juices.  It’s the closest thing to juicing I can find in a pinch. There are only two juice bars that I can find in Cincy and they are not close to me, but I can find the Bolthouse Juice in almost any grocery store. I only drink them in a bind.
  6. Go to bed early. I’m working on that one.


  1. Wake up drink a cup of water
  2. Shower
  3. Make a cup of Bengal Spice with a packet of Stevia
  4. Get dressed and ready for work
  5. Make fruit juice and put in a to-go cup to take to work
  6. Make 3 carrot/apple/ginger juices and 1 green juice and place in mason jars
  7. Pack a green juice and a carrot juice in a cooler with a few bottled waters, straws, two packets of stevia and two bags of tea.
  8. Put the rest in the fridge
  9. Drive to work
  10. Drink my fruit juice as I drive. I will have this during the day at work… a cup of tea, water, green juice, water, carrot juice, water and another tea. This will keep me satisfied. I probably won’t even drink the second tea, but will have it on hand.
  11. Come home grab a carrot juice and make husband dinner. For some reason, cooking dinner does not tempt me.
  12. I’ll drink tea at night along with the last carrot juice.
  13. Then I’ll wake up. Get on scale. and say Yay 🙂

No doubt, this day will be more about feeling deprived, but it won’t be bad. I’ll take a tylenol if I have a headache, but I don’t expect to. Probably day 2 and 3 will be worse, but day 4 will be awesome!

I know that’s a lot to process and I have so much more I could say, but I won’t. If you have a question, fire away… I will try to answer all ASAP. I know what it’s like to have questions and no one to answer them!

I’m excited for tomorrow, but even way more excited for October 31st… Can’t wait to see what this month is going to bring! Did you miss the earlier days? Click the photo below to catch up!

31 Days of Juicing

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