31 Days to Decorate Confidently. Day 3: You Need a Vision

Have you ever started a project and half way through it thought what in the heck am I doing? Even if that happens this time (which it probably will), there’s no need to panic – you have a back-up plan…

A room without a vision is like a fish without a pond… it’s not going to make it. A vision sounds mysterious, but it’s really quite simple to obtain, in fact you started your journey to finding a vision yesterday when you created your inspiration folder.

Don’t lose sight of your vision. Consider it a safety net of sorts to continuously refer back to. Undoubtedly, at some point during your project you will become overwhelmed. This is the time to check your vision and see if you are still on track. Are your choices in line with your vision? If something doesn’t seem right, it’s time to step away, re-visit your selections and move forward, it’s as easy as that.

Assignment: Pull out your inspiration folder and thumb through the photos selecting one as your inspiration photo. Alternatively, you could choose an inspiration object – a pillow, piece of fabric, artwork, etc.  This will be the vision for your room.

Have a great day! xo Amy


2 thoughts on “31 Days to Decorate Confidently. Day 3: You Need a Vision

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  2. Hello I am visiting via the Nester’s 31 days series. Your series is so inspirational and provides great tips!

    I too am participating in the series. My topic is “Decor To Adore~ finding your style”. I would like to invite you to stop by anytime.

    Have a beautiful day and a wonderful fall season.

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