31 Days to Decorate Confidently. Day 4: Beauty and Function

Beautiful decorating is not just another pretty face…

Interior Decorating to many people is about creating beautiful rooms, but what decorators know is it’s really about creating beautiful functional rooms that fit the lifestyle of the people who live within.

Beauty is about things that are pleasing to the eye, but when it comes to beautiful interiors it’s also about placement, relationships, size and more. Ultimately, it’s about how things work together in harmony.

Function is achieved when a space supports the activities within. Storage solutions, traffic patterns, entertainment, leisure and more are all considerations when creating a functional room.

Pay attention to both beauty and function and you’ll create a space you LOVE to spend time in.

Assignment: Become more observant. Look at your surroundings wherever you are. Ask your self… are you comfortable?  Is this beautiful? How does this make me feel?


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