31 Days of Juicing. Day 4: Juice Fast Begins

It’s a beautiful and sunny outside! I’m really excited about today, but I’m more excited about October 31, the end date that I’ve set for this fast. I woke up thinking about attitude today. This blog could be a big old whine fest… blah, blah, blah. But, that’s not me and there’s nothing worse than reading someone who complains, don’t you agree? Besides, this is a GOOD thing. But, I also do not want to sugar coat it, I want to be honest, so what you will get all month are the facts – good or bad and then some tips, thoughts or even maybe a pep talk.

Yesterday, the last day of preparation for the juice fast, was really no different from the last two days except my body went whoooooaaa to all those nuts and beans. I did just tell you I would be honest, so let’s just say I was glad there was no one around me most of the day. I guess I should have taken some beano. Today is better, much better.

My affirmations for the month:

  • I will consume 4 – 5  12 oz glasses of juice a day + 48 ounces of water.
  • I will always have a juice plan for the day.
  • I am going to get on the scale at the same time every morning. For me it’s about an hour after I wake up.
  • I am gong to maintain a positive attitude. My glass is always half full… yours?
  • I am not going to change my lifestyle. If a friend wants to go out to eat, I’ll bring a juice. I will cook meals for my family, I’ll have a juice to sip.
  • I am going to try to walk 3 miles 3 x a week or more. I have been doing this, so I want to keep doing it.
  • I am going to enjoy this. I am going to keep busy, be productive and know that I am on the road to something I deserve. I’m tired of waiting till tomorrow.

A few things I will add to yesterday’s blog that I forgot to mention:

  1. Don’t put pulp down your garbage disposal. A small bit is okay, but a lot will clog it. Don’t call a plumber though, a plunger should fix it. If it’s a double drain, seal one side and plunge with the other… thanks to google for that info!
  2. Peel the skin off your cucumber. Apparently, some cucumbers have a coating of wax on the outside.

I woke up this morning and had an 8 oz glass of water and a cup of tea with stevia. A glass of water first thing in the morning is a great way to get started. I just guzzle it like I was in a beer chugging contest on spring break. Yes, I did that. Yes, I won. Yes, that was a long time ago and no I am not a lush, in fact I barely drink at all if you are wondering. Anyway, I’m not water sipper, it will sit there all day if I don’t chug it. Do what you have to do to get your water in.

Did you see all the fruit in the photo up top? That is everything I’m eating today, minus one apple and 6 carrots which I didn’t end up needing.  All that produce made this…

and this…

This was an orange, two kiwi and an apple for breakfast. I need to go fruit shopping tonight, there are so many possibilities for fruit juices and they are all delicious!

So what do you think? It took 20 minutes start to finish and that included cleaning the juicer. Not bad considering it covers the whole day! Oh, almost forgot, I walked 3 miles at lunch and it felt good!

Okay, I’m off. I am trying to keep these short, but so far that’s been a big fail! So much info to share! xo Amy

Want to catch the series from beginning? Click here!

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