31 Days to Decorate Confidently. Day 5: The Golden Thread

Before you dive into decorating a particular room, there’s something you need to do…

If you’re building a home, creating a golden thread is easy. You might select all nickel finishes, cherry cabinets and have white-painted trim and baseboard throughout your new home. It’s a bit trickier though if you are decorating an older home.

When decorating an older home, you may be slowly updating and changing items as time and money allows, but it’s always good to have a plan for the house as a whole.

A Whole House Plan will unite your rooms, create flow and even make it feel bigger. Make sure to look at your room as a whole first, before you start decorating individual areas.

Assignment: Look around your home and identify the golden threads in your home. If areas feel or look disconnected, consider how you can tie them together when decorating in the future. In other words, develop a whole house plan!


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