31 Days of Juicing. Day 6: Traveling

I hope you’re enjoying the weekend! I’m in NYC on a last-minute 3 day trip to NYC to visit my son Tyler and his girlfriend Jaimie. I do LOVE this place! First stop was a Juice Bar we found near their apartment. I stocked up on some bottled juices from Whole Foods for my back-up plan. I’m hoping to do as many fresh juices as possible, but need something to grab in a pinch!

This is the neighborhood where we’ll be hanging out all weekend. Here you’ll see dogs walking, corners full of pumpkins, cheap flowers on every street corner and tons of interesting people. I missed the photo opp of the overweight woman standing in her underwear. No one even looked. That is what I love about this place. Everyone is busy, the city is full of energy and it just never stops. It’s awesome.

This is their puppy Nala. She’s adorable. We’re taking her to Central Park tonight for playtime…

It hit me today the role that food plays in our social lives… Normally we would be eating out tonight, grabbing a yogurt or cannoli’s later, hitting a diner for brunch in the morning, etc… We’ll still do some of that, but the plan is to grab a juice and sip it while they eat.  I think we may deserve tickets to a broadway play this weekend- me for sticking to it while in the big apple and them for putting up with the juicing! haha!

Have a great weekend! Oh… I almost forgot! I lost another pound today and I feel good, not great, but okay. That makes 4 lbs in two days – a good reason to stick to it! Tomorrow will be Day 4 of all juice… I plan on feeling fabulous!  Amy xo

Need to catch up? Start at Day 1 here

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