31 Days of Juicing. Day 7: Juicing on the Road in NYC

 You would think traveling would make it difficult to juice, but for me here in NYC, it really hasn’t. I’ve stocked up on a few bottled juices and when out we just search out a juice bar for me and a restaurant for Tyler and Jaimie. It really doesn’t bother me when out – it’s actually harder for me when alone at home.

I think the key to success is keeping busy and having a plan.

I feel like I’m boring you by giving you updates on how I feel every day, it’s boring me when I start to type it, so here it is in a nutshell – yesterday I felt okay, but today I feel GREAT, which is really what I expected. Day 4 of all juice is always good. I highly recommend it! I didn’t weigh in today – won’t do that till Tuesday morning when I am home.

Yesterday, I found this great place called Juice Generation on the West Side…

That’s Jaimie in the window! I talked her and Tyler into doing a Wheat Grass Shot with me…

Well Jay didn’t have to be talked into it, but Tyler was a little leary… they both liked it though…

Have you ever had one? It has a bit of an aftertaste, but if you bite into an orange afterwards, it’s not bad at all and so good for you!

Isn’t the inside of the place fun?

I love that you can see them make your juice…

We went from there over to Chipolte so Tyler and Jaimie could eat I sipped on my green juice…

This morning after we took the puppy for a walk we went down to Lily’s Authentic Jamaican Restaurant and Melvin’s Juice Bar…

fun place…

…and awesome people. Turns out he’s an Ohio State fan – love that guy!

I got a juice a veggie V-8 concoction (not too spicy) here and walked over to their restaurant where Jaimie and Ty had a Jamaican breakfast – they said it was delicious and mine was too!

Afterwards we bought umbrellas and walked around for a couple of hours and headed back to freshen up! I decided all this discipline really was worth a treat, so we’re heading to Chicago tonight. The Broadway play called Chicago, that is! Can’t wait! xo Amy

If you want to start at Day One, click here!

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