31 Days of Juicing. Day 9: An Awkward Conversation

This is awkward for me, so I’m just going to say it. Constipation. I mean, really… I think you can probably relate.  It’s usually not a problem when juicing, but I almost always have it when traveling. I know most people experience it at some time or another, so I thought I’d just throw it out there and share… I am was constipated. Last time I “went” was Friday morning and I didn’t go again until mid-morning today.

I know. Awful, embarrassing topic, but I have a solution…

Organic Smooth Move. If you’re in a bind (haha, couldn’t resist!) and need some help, these little tea bags are amazing. I should have brought them with me to NYC, but I didn’t, so I sipped one last night and voila! Situation solved. Best. Find. Ever. The best thing about this product is it tastes delicious, doesn’t cramp you up or cause anything but a normal visit to the ‘ole water closet. They are nice to have on hand and I think you can find them in most grocery stores.

Otherwise, things are just swell. I’m back to the normal grind of things and feeling good! I had a pear, raspberry and kiwi juice this morning and am missing the fact that I can’t run down a few blocks for a fresh juice for lunch! Doing a water check today… think that was a fail over the weekend. I lost 6 lbs so far after 5 days of juicing. I was a bit disappointed, but that’s okay. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

Have a great day!

Amy xo

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8 thoughts on “31 Days of Juicing. Day 9: An Awkward Conversation

  1. What?!!! Disappointed? Are you crazy? 6 pounds in 5 days is crazy good. I juiced for the first time in months, probably the first time in at least a year. I hate to admit. It was wonderful. We juiced a whole bunch and saved it. I know, I know, you aren’t supposed to do it that way, but otherwise I just won’t do it. I must say it wasn’t as good leftover. So maybe I’ll get with the program. I can’t believe you’ve convinced me to juice. Even once. And I’m actually thinking about doing it again, especially knowing you lost weight even away from home.

  2. You inspire me. I wish I had known this was coming up and had time to prepare to join you! I just completed a 10 day cleanse last month and feel so much better, but I think an extended juicing would be really good for my body as a prep for pregnancy. I don’t need to lose weight, but my liver isn’t in good health…. But my husband watched the video in your first post with me and he even said we should try it!

  3. Haha Allie… you are so right, thanks for the reminder! I make all my juices in the morning and I don’t mind that they’ve been in refrigerator, but I don’t like them much the next morning. I am so happy that you start juicing again! It is such a life changer, I can tell instantly when I get away from it by my face and how I feel. It’s crazy

  4. Thanks Merry! That is so awesome that your husband wants to do it with you. Mind pretends to… he does a fruit juice in the morning, but it’s rare that he does the veggie ones. One of these days he’ll get on board! It can’t help but be good for your liver, in fact, it would be interesting to see if you juiced a few times a day for a 6 months if it would help your liver. Even when not fasting, I do at least two juices a day… get your juicer out and juice along!

  5. Well, of all the 31 dayers that I checked out, yours was the most inspiring. My daughter juiced on and off for a couple of years but I never jumped on the bandwagon. Your blog (thank you very much) and your links (Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead) convinced me to give it a go. I went out and purchased a juicer, loaded up on fruits and veggies and have been experimenting for the last couple days. It’s been wonderful…don’t think I’ll be doing a 30 day juice just yet, but I’m definitely going to limit myself to one healthy meal a day…mainly protein based, Thanks again, you’ve REALLY opened my eyes to the health benefits of juicing and good luck on your 31 day adventure!

  6. Oh my, I almost forgot, thanks for the tip on the Organic Smooth Move. LOL I’ll be traveling next month and always have the same issues. I’ll add that to my shopping list along with the newest food I’ve been reading about…nutritional yeast. Thanks again!

  7. Wow! Thanks so much Deanna! That is a huge compliment! I started out juicing just like you and it grew into eating healthy and then this. I was just so hooked, but then I had 10,000 questions, which is why I like to share what I have discovered along the way. Stay in touch and let me know how it goes… I’d love to hear what you think about the smooth move too! Have fun traveling!

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