31 Days to Juicing. Day 10: The Case for Walking

Try to follow me here…

I don’t love to walk and I don’t love to workout. I really don’t. Even when I do it, I still don’t love it unless I am walking with a friend which makes it bearable. Of course if it’s with my friend/business partner GiGi in Florida, I still don’t love it because she makes me do 4 miles, it’s hot and there are mosquitoes. The only reason why I walk the 4 miles with her is we sometimes get Cafe Con Leche (unbelievably good Cuban Coffee) at the end of Mile 3 and we always have good talks. Plus, she would probably be relentless until I went.

I love how walking makes me feel when I’m done. Walking loves me, I am trying to love it back. Yes, I have tried every excuse… My knee hurts, my back hurts, my ankle hurts, blah, blah, blah. Rather than preach, I figured I’d do some lists again…

I know your excuses:

  1. I’m too heavy
  2. I’m out of shape
  3. My ____________ hurts
  4. I don’t have time
  5. It’s too cold
  6. It’s too hot
  7. There’s no where safe to walk
  8. What ever reason you can think of

And to your excuses I say this:

  1. If you are heavy start with baby steps. It will get easier and you will thank me.
  2. You are out of shape because you don’t walk. Start walking.
  3. Yes it hurts. Mine did too, but it doesn’t anymore unless I over do it. Know your boundaries, but make sure to push yourself a bit each day. Usually “it” is hurting because of a) your weight and b) because you don’t walk. Did you know walking is really good for a bad back?
  4. Make time. It’s like juicing… have a plan and stick to it.
  5. If it’s too hot, too cold, rainy or not safe to walk, then put in a walking tape at home.

Really, just do it. You are worth the time and effort – the truth is, your health depends on it.

A few tips:

  1. Find a buddy to walk with. My stay at home neighbor walks her working neighbors dog every afternoon. What a win-win situation that is! My friend Lori walks with her 11-year-old son. How awesome will those memories be down the road?
  2. Get a good walking tape to do at home or with co-workers at lunch. I walk with my dog, my husband or a friend here and there, but I LOVE my walking tape. It’s convenient, I can turn a fan on me so I don’t get too hot and it’s fast. I absolutely love Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds tapes – especially this one, because each mile is only 12 minutes long, there’s a two-minute boost at the end of each mile and it’s convenient.  I also like that you can pick how many miles you want to do. I usually do 3, but if I’m in a hurry I do two. Sometimes the talking gets on my nerves and I mute it to listen to my iPod. Certainly, you can fit in 30 minutes to do this. Note: If you are just starting, pick one of her beginner tapes so it’s not such a fast pace.
  3. Make sure to hydrate before and after.
  4. Wear a good pair of walking shoes. They make a HUGE difference. Huge. Feet that hurt will stop hurting with a good pair of shoes. I recently bought this pair of Ryka’s. with the blue accents. They only make shoes for women. I like them because they are light and really, really comfortable. I read the reviews (5 starts) and went a 1/2 size up – glad I did! Find a shoe that is good for your foot!
  5. Pencil it in or you’ll end up not doing it!

Okay! I’m off my soap box… guess I better get walking tonight! I almost forgot… I lost another pound today… that’s 7 pounds in 7 days of the juice fast! I’ve got a bit of indigestion, but otherwise feel awesome! Yay!

Have a good one and I LOVE to hear your comments! xo Amy

If you want to start at the beginning of the series click here! 

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