31 Days of Juicing. Day 15: Allergies & Perspective

I went to the Doctor early this morning. I did not go because I’m juicing, but because I have had several instances of shortness of breath which I was blaming on the weather. I basically, in my own medical mind,  had decided I am having an allergic reaction to red wine and blue berries, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t something else. I am not currently drinking red wine, but had a problem with it twice, over a month ago. In that case, my throat swelled, I got blisters in my mouth and I had shortness of breath. The issue with the blue berries happened when using them in a fruit juice twice over the last two weeks and each time I drank the juice, my chest became tight and I was short of breath – it felt like I had asthma, which I don’t.

She (my doctor) basically agreed that it sounded like it was an allergic reaction to the red wine and berries. She suggested that I could go for an allergy test, but that sometimes even those test don’t pinpoint some things. She was really happy to see that I was weighing even less than my last check-up – I am two pounds away from a huge goal – you’ll hear about that in a few days!

We discussed the juice fast and although she wasn’t opposed to it, she was a bit concerned about the lack of protein. Of course I told her I was feeling the best I had in years. My blood pressure was 104 over 86 and she ran some blood tests just to make sure everything was okay. She didn’t say it out loud, but I think the whole juicing thing made her a bit nervous, but she saw that I look and feel better than I have in years and we have the tests to back it up. Because of that she wasn’t a nay-sayer. I’ll let you know how the blood tests are in a few days!

Afterwards, I ran into Whole Foods which was right around the corner to re-stock some fruits and vegetables and grab a juice…

I ordered The Kitchen Sink which was carrot, cucumber, spinach, parsley and apple juice, BUT I don’t like it when they add the apple juice so I replaced that with a lemon. It was really good!

Do you like my nail color? It’s a plum color and one of OPI’s new fall colors called Casino Royale.

When I got home it was freezing cold so I grabbed all the bags including one with a candle in it from Yankee Candle and brought them inside. They were soooooo heavy and when I went up the two steps from the garage into the kitchen I had ah-ha moment that this was what it was like when I was heavy, but I was carrying it around twenty-four hours a day! Of course I did what anyone would do…

I got out my luggage scale and weighed those bags…

They weighed 50 lbs. Which is 14 lbs less than the amount that I’ve lost in total over the last 6 or so months. It’s just hard to believe I was punishing my body so much, for so many years- no wonder I feel so good now. I can’t wait to see how I feel with another 40 lbs off. Today I lost another pound. That’s 10 lbs in 12 days of fasting, for a total of 64 lbs lost to date. Yay!

Before I go, here’s a tea that I found – I love it. If you like licorice and mint, you ought to try it…

It’s really refreshing… it would probably be good iced too! Have a great day! Amy xo

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