31 Days to Decorate Confidently. Day 17: Color Psychology Part 2

Color Psychology is used almost everywhere you go, you just probably haven’t noticed…

Have you ever noticed that restaurants almost always use warm colors such as orange, yellow and red? It’s because they are known to make you hungry!

Think about typical room decor in warm or cool climates… You’ll see lots of cool colors such as soft blues and greens at the beach, yet warm toasty colors at a ski lodge.

Large Corporations may use paint to mentally warm a space or cool it down so thermostats can be lowered in the winter and raised in the summer, ultimately saving on energy costs. They may also use bright colors to stimulate workers or soothing ones to calm clients.

Some places try to influence your mood… Pink is perceived to make you feel relaxed and even weaker. Former Iowa Football coach Hayden Fry made the visting team’s locker room entirely pink – toilets and all. After a remodel by Coach Ferentz, there’s even more pink including the walls, toilets, sinks, lockers, floors and more!

Assignment: Take time to observe the spaces you are in and become aware of how color affects you!

To start at the beginning of the series, click here!


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