31 Days of Juicing. Day 20: A Vision

I cannot wait to wear jeans like this…

Michael Kors at Saks 5th Avenue

In the beginning of a journey, sometimes it’s hard to envision the end. Especially, if it has to do with losing weight, getting healthy or getting in shape. Today I feel hopeful. I can finally see the possibility of getting to my goal. I do have a ways to go, but it seems possible.

It’s also easy at this point to feel good and allow yourself to get off track a bit. Today I could have done that so easily. I was surrounded by goetta sandwiches, pulled pork, fried Twinkies, hot pretzels, funnel cakes and more listening to a good friend’s band today at a pumpkin festival. I have to say a couple of times today I really wanted to have something besides juice, but that’s okay because when I went to put on my cuddle duds (long underwear) from last year, they were too big! That will get me past the desire to eat.

I’ve been going through my clothes and giving some away. I’m not going to ever go back to where I was and I need to make room for what I’m going to fit into once I reach my goal. Do you have an inspiration outfit? I was thinking about that today. Here’s a few things that I want to wear…

Black has been my go to – it makes you look thinner right? But I definitely need to add color. I love this look…

Ralph Lauren at Saks 5th Avenue

I also like a casual comfy look like this from over at Saucy Glossie

I love this look too…

(I couldn’t find a source for this photo)

Of course I still love black and I’ve always had a thing for peplums. Oh, how I adore this from Alice + Olivia…

So what are you wearing in your vision?

I didn’t lose a thing today, but maybe tomorrow! xo Amy

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