31 Days of Juicing. Day 26: Make it Special

In the past, I’ve blogged about making a special place in your home just for you. It was about getting your groove back and having a place to dream, read, relax or renew. I think when juicing this is especially important.

I also like to have special things… a favorite coffee mug, a favorite juice glass. I think it’s about being present and purposeful when we eat or drink. How many times is everything that we do on the run? There was a time in my life when almost everything I ate or drank was on the run. Not today.

Today when I’m eating I will only use dishes – no paper. It’s more economical, beautiful and good for the environment. Same as when juicing. Rather than a plastic cup or old glass, I use my favorite 2 favorite oversized mugs with fun quotes or will sometimes use a nice glass.

I say, you deserve special every day! Create a special place in your home, grab your favorite glass and juice on!

I’m back on track from the sabotage and just up one pound, but not worried about it. It will be off tomorrow and I am heading to Florida  on Sunday for business. I find it easier to stay on track there, which is good! I’ll do a final update on my weight when I get back since there is a different scale there! xoxo Amy

To start at the beginning of the series, click here!


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