31 Days of Juicing. Day 30: I Heart This


I can’t believe this is day 30 of the series! If you’ve followed from the beginning, you know for the first three days of juicing I prepped by gradually eliminating caffeine and on the third day just ate vegetables, fruits, nuts and bean soup.

Because of that I’m going to juice until November 2 so I’ve done a true 30 day fast. I’m in Florida on business now until the end of next week and I’m not going to be able to do a final weigh-in until I get back to my original scale. That said, according to the scale here, since yesterday I’ve lost another 2 lbs. I’m guessing I have lost a total of around 16 lbs in 27 days. Considering I ridiculously blew a day eating carrot cake, I’m happy with that.

My body has been battling dropping these last 5 pounds, but I believe I am finally having a break-through. Certainly, the fact that I have walked 4 miles both yesterday and today helps. Water helps too, as does have a friend to do this last leg with. Gigi was on Day 2 of juicing yesterday and was in major detox, but feels good today. I’m back in the groove, feel great and am confident that I will get to the end of this journey sooner than later. That in itself is amazing.

Yesterday we had a fruit juice in the morning, a beet juice for lunch, carrot, apple, ginger, kiwi, for dinner and a peach pie juice for an evening snack.

We’re also trying something called oil swooshing. Have you ever tried it or heard of it? I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. It’s sounds a bit crazy, but I find it intriguing.

Don’t you love that photo? It’s a of a painting by Loring… Gigi’s 5 year old grandaughter. Just precious!

Have a great day! xo Amy

To start at the beginning of the series, click here!

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