31+ Days of Juicing. Days 33 – 37 Balancing Juicing and Fun

If you are wanting to go to Disney while doing a Juice Fast, you are setting yourself up to fail. I realized before I went there on Thursday, that Juicing wasn’t going to be feasible. We packed enough juice for the trip there, but once inside the park, you are left to their food choices which sadly do not include the option of a Juice Bar within any of the Parks. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed with Disney on that finding.

That said, I had a great time at Disney – I ate, drank, walked, rode rides, danced and was merry. I made a conscious decision to not fret about what I ate so I only harbored a smidgen of guilt over the weekend. Yesterday morning I weighed in and had gained 3 pounds, but I juiced all day, ate a deliciously healthy meal and was three pounds less today – Yay!

The plan for the next few days is to wake-up, walk 4 miles, Oil Pull, Drink 3 juices throughout the day and have a healthy meal for dinner. Healthy for me means zero white flour or sugar.

I’ll be back home on Friday and do a final weigh-in to let you know what I’ve lost to date. I am planning on doing this routine through Thanksgiving and am considering doing one more two-week fast before Christmas Festivities begin.

Check back for some healthy recipes over the next few weeks, plus some new Chalk Paint projects. Today Gigi and I are making homemade wraps with carrot, apple, ginger pulp in the dehydrator. Can’t wait to see how that turns out! Amy xo

PS. The moral of Disney is to never sacrifice fun when juicing, but have a plan to get back on track and stick to it… you’re worth it!


31+ Days of Juicing. Day 32: Not Getting a Medal

I ate. I’m just going to lay that out there. I ate, then I walked 4 miles at midnight around Disney to make up for it. I tried, I really did. I prepared and made juices for the entire day – packing them in a cooler for the trip to Disney. But, by the time we went to dinner with friends, Gigi and I decided we would eat if it was healthy and we did. It was delicious, I’m not going to lie. After 28 days of all juicing with the exception of a piece of carrot cake I ate, but I’m actually okay with it because it was a decision made after much thought and not impulse.

The new plan is to enjoy eating healthy at Disney for the next few days and then spend the next five days juicing before I head home. That’s what I love about juicing… I feel in control.

On a side note, I have to say I am shocked that there is not a juice bar to be found at Disney. How ridiculous is that? You would think that Epcot in particular would have one. Someone there really needs to get on this.

Yes, dinner was good – we ate at a french restaurant and I had a goat cheese salad with a vinaigrette and split an eggplant/vegetable lasagna dish with Gigi. We watched the fireworks and right before midnight, Gigi and I put on our sneakers and walked 4x around the loop connecting the boardwalk and the hotels. We figure it was around 4 miles. A year ago I really didn’t think I would ever love vegetables, but now I do… maybe I’ll eventually love walking too. One can only hope!

Have a great day! xo Amy

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31 Days of Juicing. Day 31: Papaya Juice

I’m not sure what the heck you are thinking if you live in the south and don’t have a papaya tree or two, or three, in your backyard. Go outside and plant one now. Next year at this time you will have big, beautiful, juicy papayas and you will love me thank me. They are seriously that delicious.

Of course I didn’t eat one today, I juiced it. I’m still in Florida visiting Gigi – my business partner/friend. The other day her neighbor, Dr. Nune, brought us two of her papayas and we juiced them this morning. BEST. JUICE. EVER. Seriously. The glass above is a whole papaya, 5 strawberries, a kiwi and a pear. Need I say more? Yum. Saturday or Sunday she is bringing us her homemade yogurt and I can’t wait for a spoonful!

I’m planning on ending the 30 day Juice-Only-Fast after Friday, so I’ll keep blogging about it for another day or two. I am going to deserve a medal or something by then because we’re heading to Epcot in Orlando for the Food and Wine Festival. So excited about that, but even more excited because I finally get to meet Gigi’s BFF’s Chef Art Smith and his spouse Jesus (Hay-soos) – an amazing artist.

I mentioned Oil Swooshing yesterday. It’s really called Oil Pulling and it is some amazing stuff. This week I’ve been a human guinea pig so I can report back to you the results. I’ll probably do that on Sunday since the next few days are really busy.

Oh, did I mention I’ve lost another 5 lbs since Sunday… Yay!

Stay tuned for lots of fun stuff tomorrow from Epcot! xo Amy

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31 Days of Juicing. Day 30: I Heart This


I can’t believe this is day 30 of the series! If you’ve followed from the beginning, you know for the first three days of juicing I prepped by gradually eliminating caffeine and on the third day just ate vegetables, fruits, nuts and bean soup.

Because of that I’m going to juice until November 2 so I’ve done a true 30 day fast. I’m in Florida on business now until the end of next week and I’m not going to be able to do a final weigh-in until I get back to my original scale. That said, according to the scale here, since yesterday I’ve lost another 2 lbs. I’m guessing I have lost a total of around 16 lbs in 27 days. Considering I ridiculously blew a day eating carrot cake, I’m happy with that.

My body has been battling dropping these last 5 pounds, but I believe I am finally having a break-through. Certainly, the fact that I have walked 4 miles both yesterday and today helps. Water helps too, as does have a friend to do this last leg with. Gigi was on Day 2 of juicing yesterday and was in major detox, but feels good today. I’m back in the groove, feel great and am confident that I will get to the end of this journey sooner than later. That in itself is amazing.

Yesterday we had a fruit juice in the morning, a beet juice for lunch, carrot, apple, ginger, kiwi, for dinner and a peach pie juice for an evening snack.

We’re also trying something called oil swooshing. Have you ever tried it or heard of it? I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. It’s sounds a bit crazy, but I find it intriguing.

Don’t you love that photo? It’s a of a painting by Loring… Gigi’s 5 year old grandaughter. Just precious!

Have a great day! xo Amy

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31 Days of Juicing. Day 29: Probiotics

I have a bottle of probiotics in my refrigerator that I bought for my son a while back. Over the years he has had countless throat infections and I know all the antibiotics he has taken have probably destroyed the good bacteria along with the bad. Probiotics are helpful because they restore the good bacteria that antibiotics destroy.

I’ve been wondering if maybe I should take it, because I’ve read that it also can help with digestive problems and constipation. The latter being a problem I’ve been battling lately – even smooth move isn’t helping. Yes, we’re talking about “that” again. Sorry.

Kombucha is a cultured tea that is loaded with enzymes, probiotics and antioxidants. I first tried it over at my friend Lisa’s house. Lisa of PickMeYard – guru of everything natural and interesting, had made a pot of it from scratch and gave me a sample to taste. It’s definitely an acquired taste with a strong fermented flavor, but it’s supposed to be incredibly good for you. Of course, as with anything natural, there are debates about it as you can read in this article.

Lisa said to drink the Kombucha with a straw, as it can be tough on your teeth. She also told me to check out Rejuvelac, saying it’s easier to make on your own, better for you than Kombucha, safer and works better as a laxative. Here’s some information about Rejuvelac. I just might have to try making that soon!

Last night we stopped at Whole Foods and we split a bottle of Organic Raw Kombucha. We tried the GT’s Classic Organic Raw Third Eye Chai. It was actually very good. Within hours I was a fan! Translation: If you’re constipated, try it!

There are debates as to whether probiotics are effective when juicing, but I say it’s worth a try!

Today is a good day! We walked four miles and had a pineapple, kiwi, pear, strawberry and mango juice for breakfast! xo Amy

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31 Days of Juicing. Day 28: Juicing Buddy

Yesterday was a travel day. I’m in Florida on business to work with Gigi, my friend and business partner. I love coming down here for lots of reasons, but mostly today because I have a juicing partner. I need that. I’ve been really struggling this last week to stay on track and there’s no better way to do that then to have a support system via a juicing buddy.

Even if you don’t have the luxury of having one up close and personal, you can get lots of juicing friends by visiting Joe Cross’s Join the Reboot forums.  There you’ll find tips and people like you who are interested in juicing. Some are struggling, others are just beginning and some have been successful in their quest to get healthy.

I highly recommend searching out a support system. Like anything else you do in life, it’s nice to have someone along for the ride who understands you and is cheering you on!

Amy xo

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31 Days of Juicing. Day 27: Keeping Busy

I’ve discovered that the best way to stay on track is to keep busy, so this past friday on a wet, cold, blustery night, I went to Kings Island – a local amusement park, for a haunted evening of frights and amusements. Some would say it was crazy. Okay, most would say it was crazy, but I stayed on track, rode some crazy rides, waited in zero lines and had a blast.

Saturday I helped my son clean his house so he could get ready to paint and renovate. I am sore from head to toe, but we got lots done and I stayed on track.

Do you see the trend? Keeping busy = Staying on track.

Amy xo

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