Short on Storage Space? No Problem!

If you take a few minutes to dissect these Pottery Barn shelves, you can get a ton of great storage ideas!

My friend Margie was showing me some clever ideas she had snipped from magazines and catalogs the other night and one in particular really caught my eye. She has a great ritual of clipping ideas and putting them into binders with plastic sleeves for reference at a later date. I used to do this all the time when I had my design business. It was a great tool to share with clients to get an idea of their likes and dislikes, especially when working with a couple. It’s a great habit to develop, especially for future decorating projects  

Below (and above) is the photo that really caught my eye…if you’re short on storage space and have room for a simple shelving unit, there are some really clever ideas within the examples of one shelf unit found at Pottery barn Check it out…  

I really love the different uses they show for the baskets on the shelf. They're used for storing wine, books, magazines, and water bottles. You could also stack dishes or store linens for the table. The ideas are endless.

And look at these clear vases and pitchers storing lemons and's convenient and pretty. Use clear glass containers to display a group of items with color that adds to the charm of your decor.

Look at the dishes. They are pretty and functional...ready to use. There are coffee cups around a french press, glasses layered with a wood tray (very smart), Utensils in clear glasses and various dishes included a set of stacked plates. Did you notice the wine rack next to the stacked plates...

This was the photo in the catalog, the photo above was used online. I love that this tray of glasses is ready to pick up and transport. And look at the white ceramic container holding utensils. Very clever. It would be easy to spray paint an inexpensive vase a color to match your decor

A wire basket is adorable, provides a nice change of texture and holds a daily newspaper and mail

The key to these shelves is threefold. To get this look AND successfully store lots of items here are some tips…  

Concentrate on the color scheme, use of texture and balance.  

  1. COLOR: They basically used white, natural wood tones, stainless and glass as a back drop for anything that went on the shelves. Additionally, anything stored fit with the color scheme and became an accent or was placed inside a basket. 
  2. TEXTURE: The use of wicker, stainless, ceramic, glass and glass also provided a bit of nature and glam.
  3. BALANCE: It’s important when arranging a shelf to balance items. Note that the natural wood color sprinkled throughout the shelves as is the use of white ceramics and glass items. Color, texture and the feeling of weight is equally dispersed.

It’s really fun to do. Arrange everything, step back, and look. If something “feels” wrong, move it around.  

Have a great day! xoxoxo Amy

Hang a Basket for When Minutes Count

On the Go Basket

Out the Door Basket

Here’s a great idea for your home. Have you ever ran out the door and suddenly realized you need an umbrella? Or how about when you do the final “look” into the mirror and discover that your favorite four legged friend has shed all over your shirt or jacket? Chances are you’ve then wasted precious moments locating an umbrella or lint brush.

Here’s a simple solution: Keep a basket hung on a door or a decorative hook next to the door you use when leaving the house. Fill it with items such as a folding umbrella, lint brush, mints, tissues, etc. You’ll be glad you did when minutes count! xoxox

Put your Baskets to Work!

stairstep basket

Step Basket from Ballard Designs


How often do you work around the home and as you get to one room – you think of something that you needed from the room you were just in. Apparently, it happens to lots of us, because somewhere along the line, someone with a two story home was inspired to create a nifty little basket such as the one above just for stairs. This basket is perfect to store household items that need to be carried on your next trip up. Below are a few more baskets that you can use in your daily routine to save you both time and aggravation. 

Room to Room Basket

Carry a Basket from Room to Room


Designate a basket (preferrably with handles) as your room to room basket.  Use it to carry items such as a cell phone, cordless phone, pen, notepad and anything that you need to have with you as you go from room to room. 

travel basket

Home to Car Basket


Take the basket idea a step further and put to work one such as this from the Container Store. Carry it with you every time you go from home, to the car and back to home again. Store it near the door you’ll use as you head to your car and fill it with items that need to be returned for credit, a water bottle, snacks, a shopping list, etc. Baskets are a great way to help you keep your busy life on track. 

Have a great day! xoxox