31+ Days of Juicing. Day 32: Not Getting a Medal

I ate. I’m just going to lay that out there. I ate, then I walked 4 miles at midnight around Disney to make up for it. I tried, I really did. I prepared and made juices for the entire day – packing them in a cooler for the trip to Disney. But, by the time we went to dinner with friends, Gigi and I decided we would eat if it was healthy and we did. It was delicious, I’m not going to lie. After 28 days of all juicing with the exception of a piece of carrot cake I ate, but I’m actually okay with it because it was a decision made after much thought and not impulse.

The new plan is to enjoy eating healthy at Disney for the next few days and then spend the next five days juicing before I head home. That’s what I love about juicing… I feel in control.

On a side note, I have to say I am shocked that there is not a juice bar to be found at Disney. How ridiculous is that? You would think that Epcot in particular would have one. Someone there really needs to get on this.

Yes, dinner was good – we ate at a french restaurant and I had a goat cheese salad with a vinaigrette and split an eggplant/vegetable lasagna dish with Gigi. We watched the fireworks and right before midnight, Gigi and I put on our sneakers and walked 4x around the loop connecting the boardwalk and the hotels. We figure it was around 4 miles. A year ago I really didn’t think I would ever love vegetables, but now I do… maybe I’ll eventually love walking too. One can only hope!

Have a great day! xo Amy

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31 Days of Juicing. Day 19: Why I Believe You Can Do This

A lot of people have commented that I must have an amazing will power to go out with friends, cook a big meal, last this long, etc… and not fall off a little bit. I have to tell you that I am amazed too, but I shouldn’t be. Why? Because this isn’t something I started on a whim. It’s not a new fad diet or plan that isn’t sustainable. It’s a slow lifestyle change that has come about over the last year or so.

Before I started juicing and eventually started this fast, I did extensive research about juicing and read everything I could get my hands on about it. Along the way, I discovered countless testimonials of how juicing can benefit you whether you need to lose weight and/or just want to get healthier.

I started with baby steps, buying a juicer and experimenting with different recipes… finding what I liked and didn’t. I juiced maybe twice a day and within the first week I noticed how clear my skin was, that the puffiness had left my eyes and how energized I felt. If I missed a few days, I immediately felt a difference. When the weight started coming off little by little, I was excited, but the real aha moment was when I stopped juicing and gained 6 lbs. I started juicing again and it immediately fell off. That was when I realized this is something I could live with. In the past, gaining 6 pounds would have sent me into a tailspin of hopelessness and I would have just kept eating – gaining back what I lost and more.

What I’ve discovered is it’s okay to fall backwards, but it’s also easy to get back on track. I found that I love how it makes me feel and now I look for healthy food to eat as opposed to the crap I used to crave. I am encouraged that this is something that will stick, for the first time in my life.

Why do I think you can do this? Because if I can, so can you. I was a binge eater and an emotional eater. At times I still am, but the difference is now I can control it. I want to control it and juicing gives me the tools to control it. I am confident in this. Trust me. I know what it’s like to eat a bag of chips without thinking about it, to have cravings so bad,  you eat all the Halloween candy and have to run out for more.

I also know the helpless feeling of knowing I am missing out on life by not being a participant in life. By not swimming in the ocean with my kids because of the shame of being in my swimsuit, by sitting in the shadows at times because of how I looked. I know what it feels like to believe what you need to accomplish is out of your reach.

I know it’s about mindset and choices. I know that you just don’t wake up one day and get to where I am, because life changes don’t just happen. They are all part of a journey and this journey starts with little changes that eventually turn into something you can embrace. Something that will change your life for the good.

Start today. Make a committment to yourself. Start with baby steps by passing up something unhealthy. Add fruits and vegetables into your diet and explore healthy recipes. Try to avoid anything in a box or processed. Only eat things that benefit your body. Make little changes and start juicing once a day. Give yourself a hug when you have a bad day and when you have a good day… well, that’s all the reward you need – good days feel great! You can do it… you really can. We can do it together! We’re worth it! xo Amy

P.S. If you have any questions, ask away! I love to share what I’ve learned along this journey.

P.S.S. I lost another pound! That’s 13 pounds in 16 days of juice only. Yay!

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31 Days of Juicing. Day 16: Taste Buds

Taste buds are a funny thing. They can betray you at any time. Personally, I think they have an addiction problem: they eat too much of something and they’re hooked. For years mine were addicted to sugar. Cookies, cupcakes, donuts, candy bars, chocolate… they all called my name. Fruits and vegetables, not so much.

If you told me a year ago that I would one day actually choose a vegetable juice over a candy bar, I would laugh out loud. And then probably told you that you were nuts. It wasn’t possible. Or was it?

When I started juicing, I was surprised that many people, instead of wrinkling their noses wanted to learn more. Their biggest concern is the taste. “Isn’t it awful?”, they ask? I’ve had several people over to my house for taste tests. A few have been less than thrilled with the green juice, but like the carrot, apple ginger juice. Most are pleasantly surprised and say “it’s not bad”.

I wasn’t crazy about some of the recipes in the beginning either, but grew to love them and eventually fell in love with others.  Some I like better than others, but I know that there are so many health benefits to eating a variety that I am trying  recipes until I find a good mix for me.

In the beginning I started juicing primarily for health reasons. Today, I juice for several reasons…

  1. I think it’s incredibly healthy and healing.
  2. It makes me feel better than I have years. Lots of years.
  3. It gives me control. I can eat those sweet things that I enjoy here and there, but it’s a tool that helps me keep it in check. I don’t have to freak out any more if I gain a few lbs. down the road because I know that in a few days I will get back to where I need to be.
  4. I think it’s the best preventive “medicine” you can take.
  5. I like the way I look when I juice and eat healthy. My face isn’t puffy and my skin is soft and clear.
  6. I LIKE THE TASTE OF IT. Who knew?

Turns out my taste buds have a new addiction: fruit and vegetables. Watch out, if you give it a try, you might just have some little addicts on your hands too. This is one addiction though that doesn’t need an intervention! I can honestly say I now crave juice and not sweets. That’s not to say I don’t want sweets, but when I do allow myself to have some, I find they are really not that satisfying any more.

Remember when I said beets tasted like dirt? And then when I said I take it back? Well, I’ve been experimenting with recipes and below is the one with beets that I tried at LaGuardia airport and found I really do like them. Above is a photo of all the ingredients, minus the carrots. I forgot to take a photo of those. I used two gigantic ones…

Here’s the recipe if you want to try it…

LGA Juice Recipe (picture of ingredients in two above photos)

  • 2 XL carrots or 4 or 5 regular
  • 3 generous handfuls of spinach
  • 1/2 of a bunch of parsley stems and all
  • 1/2 of cucumber peeled
  • 1/2 of large beet. Ends cut-off and peeled
  • 1 medium sized lemon or two small

Let me know if you like it!

I lost another pound this morning! That’s 11 pounds in 13 Days of the juice fast.  xo Amy

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An Organized Life. The Goals

So it’s been a month since I embarked on this  journey and although at the moment, I don’t really have a set plan, I do have some goals and rules that I am following. I’ve decided that I’ll choose projects as I go and see how it evolves. The truth is I’m not just cleaning our closets. I am cleaning out my life. My hope is that by the end of the year I will have accomplished or be close to accomplishing each goal I list below. Don’t worry, this year I’m still be talking about decorating, in fact I’ll take you along as I tackle some projects in my home, but I do hope you’ll join me as I dish about re-designing my life and surroundings. Below I’ve listed my goals and tomorrow I’ll share my rules. But before I do that, I guess I should come clean…

THE CONFESSION: I think every bad habit needs to be owned before it can be tossed, so here goes…I am not attached to junk, I just don’t make time to get rid of it. I know that everything should be put in it’s place, but I don’t make time to create that place or put it back. They say that a cluttered desk is a sign of creativity – I must be really creative…haha! Does that make me more creative by having a cluttered purse and a cluttered car? I don’t think so. The truth is I think better when I start with a clean desk and a clean space. I am less stressed when my kitchen counters are clear and I eat better when I know what I am going to eat in advance. I actually have an extremely organization mind and have been granted two patents for organizational products (shameless product plug). This year, I am going to put into action the things that I know. I hope you’ll join me!


1. Organize my Surroundings  and KEEP them that way. This includes my purse, car, garage, office, etc. I think that will be the easy part. I imagine that organizing is much like losing weight and eating healthy; it has to become a way of life.

2. Organize my Projects, Bills and Paperwork. I once took a job for a year or two that was so mundane I could clear off my desk at the end of the day and not worry about a thing until I arrived the next day. It was nice for a bit, but it eventually drove me crazy. I need the exitement of creating new things, tackling new projects and taking risks, but there should be a happy medium. I will pay attention to the things I don’t like to do, so I can be successful at what I love to do.

3. Organize my Schedule to Design a Healthy Me. (3 part)

a.) I will take Iron. I am anemic. I’ve needed to take iron for years…I’m thinking I really ought to make time to take that stupid little white pill once a day so I have the energy to get this all done. My teeth will thank me. If you are an ice chewer, get tested for anemia – your teeth will thank you.

b.) I will exercise. I hate it. I just do. I hate to make the time, I hate to sweat, I just don’t like it. My doctor says I have to do it, I guess maybe she might be right. I am going to start with walking in my house (because it’s cold outside) with Leslie Sansone ( on DVD) at least 3 times a week. I will also play wii fit- I do love my wii. My kids bought it for us for Christmas and I need to maintain my first place status in multiple events, but I will branch out to more athletic events instead of just the balancing ones, which are my favorite 🙂

c.) I will eat healthy. I need to prepare food on Sundays…chop, cook, etc…anything that makes it easier during the week. I need to know what I am going to eat tomorrow before I go to bed, so I don’t make bad choices…aka: stuff a lot of pointless things in my mouth that make me fat. I am going to cut out sugar and white flour and lean towards clean eating. It will be a work in progress, but at the end of the day…or hopefully the year…I will be at a healthy weight. I’m not going to lie…I want to fit into my Calvin Kleins. I bought them in the designer department at Macy’s on 34th street in the 80’s. I looked hot in them…at least I thought I did.  They’ve  been to Studio 54, Tavern on the Green, Serendipity and Sunday afternoon breakfast in the village. I just want to be in them one more time.  I’m not going for hot, just in them. Well maybe a little hot…but I digress….till tomorrow…xoxox