5 Tips for Planting Annuals in Flower Boxes, Planters and Urns.

Cascading Flowers in a Flower Box


Every year around Mother’s Day I plant a few flower boxes, planters and urns with annuals for the deck. A gardener I am not, but I find that by following these 5 simple rules I always like the end result.   

  1. Start with Good Soil. Using a base of good soil such as Miracle-Gro Organic Moisture Control makes for happy plants. Plants will thrive in good soil making it easier to grow healthy lush plants all summer if you are diligent about watering each day.
  2. Select Plants According to Location. My deck gets early to mid afternoon sun so I make sure to select plants that will thrive in that environment.
  3. Create a Color Palette as you would when Decorating your Home. I wanted more of a wild flower look this year with a variety of colors and chose purple, pink, white, orange and red ones. It would be stunning to go with just one or two colors as well. It’s fun to change it up each year. The key is to stay true to your theme and be consistent throughout your yard.
  4. Include Plants of Varying Heights. When planting window boxes place tall plants in the back, medium in the middle and vining/draping plants in the front and on sides. Round planters and urns should have the height in the center, then medium plants and lower vining/draping plants around the rim.
  5. Consider the Texture. A mix of delicate flowers and large pedaled one’s work in tandem providing a great contrast. Add a tall sleek spike or two, trailing vines and greenery with interesting leaves to pull it all together.

Here’s what I planted yesterday evening…  

It's about selecting a color scheme and adding varying height and textures. I planted two of these flower boxes for the deck rail.


The same principles apply to an urn...


and planters such as this one that sits on a table.


In a hurry? Place a pre-planted hanging basket inside a barrel or urn. Snip off the wire or plastic hangar and guests will never suspect it's not planted. I found this huge gorgeous basket for under $40.00 and couldn't pass it up. It's well over 3 ft wide and fits perfectly inside this great rolling wooden barrel I found last year at the end of the season for $5.00. I need to snip the wire off this weekend. Can you see it?


I think it took me about 45 minutes to plant these and I’ll enjoy them all summer long. I located them so I can see them when I’m washing dishes, eating at the kitchen table or watching TV. Of course the best view is when grilling and eating along side of them all summer long. Flowers = Happiness don’t you think? Plant some today! xoxox Amy