31+ Days of Juicing. Day 32: Not Getting a Medal

I ate. I’m just going to lay that out there. I ate, then I walked 4 miles at midnight around Disney to make up for it. I tried, I really did. I prepared and made juices for the entire day – packing them in a cooler for the trip to Disney. But, by the time we went to dinner with friends, Gigi and I decided we would eat if it was healthy and we did. It was delicious, I’m not going to lie. After 28 days of all juicing with the exception of a piece of carrot cake I ate, but I’m actually okay with it because it was a decision made after much thought and not impulse.

The new plan is to enjoy eating healthy at Disney for the next few days and then spend the next five days juicing before I head home. That’s what I love about juicing… I feel in control.

On a side note, I have to say I am shocked that there is not a juice bar to be found at Disney. How ridiculous is that? You would think that Epcot in particular would have one. Someone there really needs to get on this.

Yes, dinner was good – we ate at a french restaurant and I had a goat cheese salad with a vinaigrette and split an eggplant/vegetable lasagna dish with Gigi. We watched the fireworks and right before midnight, Gigi and I put on our sneakers and walked 4x around the loop connecting the boardwalk and the hotels. We figure it was around 4 miles. A year ago I really didn’t think I would ever love vegetables, but now I do… maybe I’ll eventually love walking too. One can only hope!

Have a great day! xo Amy

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31 Days of Juicing. Day 28: Juicing Buddy

Yesterday was a travel day. I’m in Florida on business to work with Gigi, my friend and business partner. I love coming down here for lots of reasons, but mostly today because I have a juicing partner. I need that. I’ve been really struggling this last week to stay on track and there’s no better way to do that then to have a support system via a juicing buddy.

Even if you don’t have the luxury of having one up close and personal, you can get lots of juicing friends by visiting Joe Cross’s Join the Reboot forums.  There you’ll find tips and people like you who are interested in juicing. Some are struggling, others are just beginning and some have been successful in their quest to get healthy.

I highly recommend searching out a support system. Like anything else you do in life, it’s nice to have someone along for the ride who understands you and is cheering you on!

Amy xo

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31 Days of Juicing. Day 27: Keeping Busy

I’ve discovered that the best way to stay on track is to keep busy, so this past friday on a wet, cold, blustery night, I went to Kings Island – a local amusement park, for a haunted evening of frights and amusements. Some would say it was crazy. Okay, most would say it was crazy, but I stayed on track, rode some crazy rides, waited in zero lines and had a blast.

Saturday I helped my son clean his house so he could get ready to paint and renovate. I am sore from head to toe, but we got lots done and I stayed on track.

Do you see the trend? Keeping busy = Staying on track.

Amy xo

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31 Days of Juicing. Day 25: Sabotage.

sabotage is ugly. It’s an ugly word and the meaning of it is even uglier…

sab·o·tage: : an act or process tending to hamper or hurt

People do it to us and even worse… we do it to ourselves. Usually, it’s when we are feeling vulnerable. Nothing worse than kicking yourself when down. Sometimes it’s when something deep within over-rides our common sense. Like when I ate that piece of cheese cake late last night when no one was looking. Yep. The one that has been looking at me through the refrigerator doors since last Thursday. I could rationalize and say I lasted a week… it’s the only time I “cheated”,  but I’m not. I could say “no biggie”, but I’m not.

I’m just going to stay pissed enough at myself so I don’t eat the bread pudding that is now in the refrigerator. The one that my husband brought home for me tonight KNOWING that I’m not eating sweets or food. “Come on Amy he says… you can have one piece”. No. I can’t. Why? Because there is a bigger goal and I am going to reach it in spite of myself.

I haven’t lost a pound in three days. I’m sure that cheese cake isn’t going to help the scale tomorrow, but that’s okay. I walked three miles to make up for it and I am back on track. xo Amy

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31 Day of Juicing. Day 24: Living a Positive Life

So what are you? The glass is half full or the glass is half empty kind of guy or gal? For me, that question is easy… it’s always half full. I really don’t even get why you would choose half empty when you could choose half full. Would you choose sad when you could choose happy?

Yes, life can be rough and cruel at times, but there’s always something to be grateful for. I say be grateful for what you have right now, today… it could be worse. Put on your rain boots and splash in the puddles if it’s going to rain. For every bad thing that happens, you can find a good thing… which reminds me why I brought this up. Yesterday, when going to through some books I found something that said, you have permission to complain about something three times, then throw it away. Nobody wants to be around a complainer and you shouldn’t surround yourself with negativity from others or yourself.

I think there are three things you can do to become a positive and ultimately, happier person…

  1. Smile. Smile to yourself, smile to your family, smile to your friends… smile to strangers. Even if you don’t feel like it.
  2. Balance every negative comment that comes out of your mouth with a positive one. As I said earlier, no one likes a complainer… eventually, people will run from you. Don’t be that person. If something is bothering you, fine – talk about it, but then balance it with something positive. Every single time.
  3. Be grateful. Even on the worst of all days, you can find something to be grateful for. Before you go to bed, write down or say out loud three things you are grateful for about that day. This is a life-changer.
  4. Do something nice for someone you know or a stranger every single day. It can be as simple as holding a door open for someone or telling them they look beautiful. It’s amazing how good it will make you feel.
  5. At the end of the day, give yourself a hug and remind yourself that you are a good person, valuable and worthwhile… because you are.

Amy xo

PS. Holding tight at 14 lbs lost in 21 days. Ugh. I am grateful for losing those 14 pounds 🙂

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31 Days of Juicing. Day 22: Blah. Blah.

Today is an odd day. I actually feel really good, but I’m just kind of blah about the juicing these last few days. I’m not really hungry, in fact I have to force myself to make my fourth juice every night. I still struggle drinking water which is not because I don’t like it, I just don’t take the time to drink it. I make dinner for Mike and anyone who stops by at night and am not really tempted, but I do think a lot about what I’m going to eat when I get done juicing. That said, I’m thinking about making this a 45 day fast instead of a 30 day. I’ll make that decision on November 2nd, which will mark my 30th day of juice only.

It’s times like this that are probably most dangerous. Today it would be easy to grab a handful of nuts or chips, but I’m not. I still haven’t even had a lick or bite of anything… not one single thing. I know that there is a piece of triple layer carrot cake in my freezer and yes, at times I’m tempted to just have one bite, but for some reason, this time is different. In the past I would have taken a bit and then had the whole piece. I think I finally realize that this is about being healthy, feeling good and feeding my body, not my emotions. I can do this for another 8 days and even more if I decide to. In the scheme of things, that’s nothing compared to how good I’ll feel when I get to my goal.

The thing is, it may be a blah day, but it’s still a good day. I didn’t lose anything today, but there’s always tomorrow! Amy xo

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31 Days of Juicing. Day 15: Allergies & Perspective

I went to the Doctor early this morning. I did not go because I’m juicing, but because I have had several instances of shortness of breath which I was blaming on the weather. I basically, in my own medical mind,  had decided I am having an allergic reaction to red wine and blue berries, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t something else. I am not currently drinking red wine, but had a problem with it twice, over a month ago. In that case, my throat swelled, I got blisters in my mouth and I had shortness of breath. The issue with the blue berries happened when using them in a fruit juice twice over the last two weeks and each time I drank the juice, my chest became tight and I was short of breath – it felt like I had asthma, which I don’t.

She (my doctor) basically agreed that it sounded like it was an allergic reaction to the red wine and berries. She suggested that I could go for an allergy test, but that sometimes even those test don’t pinpoint some things. She was really happy to see that I was weighing even less than my last check-up – I am two pounds away from a huge goal – you’ll hear about that in a few days!

We discussed the juice fast and although she wasn’t opposed to it, she was a bit concerned about the lack of protein. Of course I told her I was feeling the best I had in years. My blood pressure was 104 over 86 and she ran some blood tests just to make sure everything was okay. She didn’t say it out loud, but I think the whole juicing thing made her a bit nervous, but she saw that I look and feel better than I have in years and we have the tests to back it up. Because of that she wasn’t a nay-sayer. I’ll let you know how the blood tests are in a few days!

Afterwards, I ran into Whole Foods which was right around the corner to re-stock some fruits and vegetables and grab a juice…

I ordered The Kitchen Sink which was carrot, cucumber, spinach, parsley and apple juice, BUT I don’t like it when they add the apple juice so I replaced that with a lemon. It was really good!

Do you like my nail color? It’s a plum color and one of OPI’s new fall colors called Casino Royale.

When I got home it was freezing cold so I grabbed all the bags including one with a candle in it from Yankee Candle and brought them inside. They were soooooo heavy and when I went up the two steps from the garage into the kitchen I had ah-ha moment that this was what it was like when I was heavy, but I was carrying it around twenty-four hours a day! Of course I did what anyone would do…

I got out my luggage scale and weighed those bags…

They weighed 50 lbs. Which is 14 lbs less than the amount that I’ve lost in total over the last 6 or so months. It’s just hard to believe I was punishing my body so much, for so many years- no wonder I feel so good now. I can’t wait to see how I feel with another 40 lbs off. Today I lost another pound. That’s 10 lbs in 12 days of fasting, for a total of 64 lbs lost to date. Yay!

Before I go, here’s a tea that I found – I love it. If you like licorice and mint, you ought to try it…

It’s really refreshing… it would probably be good iced too! Have a great day! Amy xo

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