Get Organized: Guest Bathroom Closet

Close up of Label

Marth Stewart I am not. I’m a clutterbug with messy closets. That’s good news for you if you happen to be a clutter bug like me. You can follow right along as I’m inspired by Oprah and Peter Walsh to organize my life.

I’m starting with a bathroom closet and yes, I’m a bit embarassed to show you the ugly truth of it. I hope you’ll not judge but, simply be inspired to clean out a closet as well! I will admit to not being satisfied with simply organizing…my designer brain wants it to look beautiful as well. I’m working on a budget, so going out and buying all new things to organize my stuff is not an option, but if I can buy a few things here and there and use exisiting items somewhere else, I can rationalize a purchase or two 🙂

The closet is in my guest bathroom on our main level which I’m pretty sure gets opened occaisionally by a curious visitor. For some odd reason it’s the bathroom of choice for my daughter and I to dry and style our hair. I even keep my tooth brush in there to use before I run out the door. Additionally, here that I store items for visiting guests, first aid components and other miscelaneous things. It’s near our kitchen and is the central storage area for shared items in our home.

This was my criteria for the project:

  • I wanted it to be finished in about three hours. If it wasn’t done, I knew it would linger on and that drives me crazy.
  • There had to be a specific place for certain items such as hair items, first aid, etc.
  • It had to look nice. I think clutter free zones should be pretty – pretty makes me happy.
  • It needed to be inexpensive

So let’s get to it – here’s what I did….

  1. I forced myself to throw away anything I haven’t used in 6 months to a year. It was hard to do that , so I went back through my save pile several times to make myself get rid of more.
  2. I couldn’t stand to look at the wood shelves, so I covered them all for less than $5.oo with good old cream and gold contact paper. Ideally, I would have painted the closet, supports and shelving, but it meant that the project would have taken a few days and I wanted it DONE!
  3. The existing acrylic stair step shelf organizer was used to hold items that get used often such as hair spray, soap, tooth paste, etc.
  4. Items that could be grouped into categories went inside fabric bins that I got on sale at Meijers for $5.99 ea. I chose a dusty plum, but they are also available in lime green, red, hot pink and navy.
  5. Loose items such as combs, hair clips, etc.went into the small plastic 3 drawer unit that I already owned.   
  6. Once it was complete, I added the labels which I think are totally adorable 🙂 I’ll give instructions for those in my next post.

Here’s the photo’s!

Before top of closet   After Top of Closet

Photos above are of the top three shelves. I left the very top one empty, because I can’t reach it and didn’t want to put junk up there.

Before Bottom of Closet    After Bottom of Closet

All the crap on the floor was what actually prompted this project. Things kept falling off the shelves and it was driving me NUTS!!! Looks much better now doesn’t it? 🙂

After Full View

Bottom to top view of newly organized closet!

Hair Stuff

Above is one of the bins…I used it to store hair stuff such as the blow dryer, curling irons, hair straighter, and a brush.

Really Close up of Label

So what do you think? Up next I’ll have directions for the labels and a template so you can create your own! Also, just made the valance for the Kuster’s kitchen…I’ll have pictures for that soon!

Ask Amy: Combination Guest Bedroom and Nursery


A Nursery that Doubles Perfectly as a Guest Room


Photo from OhDeeDoh 

Chrissy lives in a 2 bedroom house and is expecting their first child – congratulations Chrissy! She’s wondering if they can keep the queen bed in the nursery for guests! I say absolutely! Especially when the baby is young. As he or she grows, you may want to change the queen size for a small sleeper sofa or futon, but for now, I think it can work perfectly for guests coming to see the new baby and to help you out! 

So what do you have to have in the room? My three essentials are a crib, rocking chair and storage. A small chest of drawers would be nice for storage of clothing, diapers, etc., but the closet will suffice if you can’t fit it into the space. You want to avoid being cramped. Less is definately more! A changing table can be overated – you can use a foldout padded vinyl mat on top of the bed or crib.  If you have space for a small chest of drawers it may possibly double as a changing table if you think it’s necessary, but always put safety first. 

If you don’t  have space for a chest of drawers, try a small end table next to the bed or rocker with drawers to store diapers and changing products. The thing is to look for items  that are multi purpose. Shelving can hold photo frames and treasured items, but can also hold adorable storage boxes with items that you need to access. 

Don’t forget under the bed. You can get inexpensive storage boxes for clothing that the baby needs to grow into. In fact, you might even want to raise the bed with bed raisers which will give you more under the bed storage. A bonus is you’ll give your back a break if it’s doing double duty as a changing area. One word of advice…pay the extra $10.00 for wood one’s. I bought my daughter the plastic variety for the queen bed in her new apartment and they lasted until her 6′ 6  boyfriend sat on the corner. The bed busted right through them, haha!  Welcome to the new apartment Mike! Luckily, no one was hurt, but it’s not worth the risk. 

Here’s a few photo’s for inspiration that I found around the web. I didn’t find many with a guest bed, suprisingly just the one above and the one below, but I’ve included a few storage ideas I thought could work for you as well… 


Probably bigger than Chrissy's but another multi purpose room


All Photos below from HGTV 


Store Items in stacking baskets that are seasonal or for the future 


Look for unique pieces that are taller rather than widewww.bhg.comBaskets on wall book shelves can store items you need quick access to such as diapers & wipes



Baskets can provide storage on wall or bookcase shelving

Baskets can provide storage on wall or bookcase shelving 

Pottery Barn has a ton of storage ideas
Pottery Barn has a ton of storage ideas 

Good Luck Chrissy and let us know how it turns out 🙂

Ask Jayne and Amy – Benches and Ottomans


We had a question this week from Tamara who said… “Hi Divas (and help!), I have a large master bath and would like to add a bench to the middle of the room.  I am looking for one of those round/circular upholstered benches, often seen in upscale boutiques. Can you tell me the “official”  name for this type of furniture?

Well, Tamara, I have to admit that you got me thinking…what immediately came to mind was oversized ottoman, but I thought maybe there was another name. After some digging, I’m sticking with that unless someone else comes up with something else 🙂  Since you brought the topic up, I figured it would be a good subject to Dish About – thanks for the inspiration!

Ottomans come in all kinds of sizes from smaller one’s that are in the range of 12-24″ wide to those that are larger and can be 49″ or more in diameter or length. You’ll find that there is a cross over between what some people call a bench or ottoman and often, either term can be correct. If round, the proper term is ottoman, but if long and rectangular you could probably call it either. If it’s not upholstered, it’s a bench.

Here are the definitions.


Bench A long seat, often without a back, for two or more persons.

~ Websters Dictionary

Ottoman [French ottomane, from feminine of ottoman, adjective] a: an upholstered often overstuffed seat or couch usually without a back b: an overstuffed footstool

~ Free Dictionary online


Ottomans have so many uses. They can be paired with a chair for resting your feet, placed with a sofa to be used as a combination footrest/coffee table and can even provide storage for games or quilts. Tuck one or two under a sofa table and pull out for extra guests, add one in your bedroom at the end of your bed and if you have space in a bathroom they are perfect to stand alone or tuck in a corner to add warmth and style.

Ottomans may have legs, skirts, or be fully upholstered. Some are tightly stuffed and will support a tray with drinks. You’ll find tons of styles to choose from. Contemporary ottomans will feature clean lines and sometimes interesting and conversational shapes. Traditional styles come in many shapes and can include numerous styles of skirts, trim, beading, fringe and more with a choice of mixed patterns and textures. Of course then there is everything in between

Tamara had specifically asked about an oversized ottoman because she is lucky enough to have room in her oversized bath. Add a crystal chandelier, area rug, beautiful art, candles and some bubbles; you’ll be sure to have a beautifully luxurious bathroom you won’t want to leave! Here are some ottomans that Jayne and I found that may work for you!






Let us know what you end up getting – we’d love to see pictures!